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I'm a Quitter, For Now

Today marks the fifth day of my soda free existence.

For years my dentist has begged me to give up soda.  Each time I have a new cavity I consider it, but two seconds later I yearn for the burn.  I love the way diet soda burns until it hits the belly.  After just one sip, I tingle and for a moment I find myself happy–happiness that my dentist wants to take away from him.  He is obviously an evil man that deserves to be kicked in the Baby Jesus.

I didn’t consciously decide to give up soda, it just sort of happened.  The fridge at my office is normally packed with enough Diet Dr Pepper to hydrate a third world country.  At the beginning of the week, when I wandered over for my fix, there were no diet sodas.  I whined and bitched and then went without.  Two days later it hit me that I hadn’t had soda in two days.  TWO DAYS PEOPLE!  Since I drink massive quantities of coffee I didn’t have any caffeine withdrawal headaches, so I went with it.  I haven’t gone this long without soda since I was a kid.  And maybe not even then, I do, after all come from a Mormon background.  Where caffeine is served cold and in diet form.

I’m scheduling an appointment with my dentist just so I can inform him of my progress.  Well that and possibly score some bubble gum flavored dental floss.  Yes, as a matter of fact I DO think I’m twelve-years-old.  He will be so proud!  But I’ll still want to kick him in the Baby Jesus.


  • I wish I could give it up. I love the burn, also. I don’t drink coffee so I don’t want to think about the massive headache and extreme fatigue I’d be facing.
    My dentist has begged me as well.

    And now I’m even dealing with heartburn/acid reflux cuz I drink diet dew – yet I haven’t been able to stop.

    so good for you!!! You are inspiring!

  • p.s. I’m jealous!

    And didn’t want my “good for you” to sound sarcastic cuz I didn’t mean it that way.

  • I’ve been cutting back on the pop since I’m training for a marathon. (Yes, I call it pop!) But on Saturdays, after my long runs when I know I don’t have to run again for a couple days, I suck the stuff down like crazy for the remainder of the day.

    Gotta stop that…

    My dentist would probably love it if I stopped as well!

  • coke is my coc! i am totally addicted! and im talking full calorie coke…not the diet stuff. so it’s much easier for me to drop a few lbs when im off the stuff.

    i had gone 3 days without coke…and then i went to a movie last night, and you can’t have popcorn without coke.

    im so weak! and jealous of your self control!

  • Mountain Dew is my weakness. It feels so good to give it up and then, just one little can, and it’s over… back on the crank that is Mountain Dew (especially Fountain Mountain… mmmm…. drinking one now….)

    So DON’T think you can just have one. DON’T stop at a gas station thinking that you’ll just buy one can and that’ll be all, because before you know it, you’ll be at that gas station every day… and then we’ll have to have some kind of intervention and you know how messy those get…

  • I have never had a cavity and drink diet soda every day.

    And yes I really am this much of a brat. Especially today.

    Maybe I’m just jealous of your will power. And maybe I just need to leave work and get a cocktail.

  • I drink Diet Coke all day (there is a fountain in my break room at work), but now you have me wondering. How do diet drinks cause cavities? Is it the acid or something? Iced coffee is a suitable summertime substitute, but we don’t have a fountain of iced coffee (yet).

  • I used to be an at-least-once-a-day Coke addict. You know, the soda kind, not the powdery stuff. Now I probably have about one a week, and I’m happy with that number. Like you, my weening just sort of happened, I didn’t restrict myself. Although in the past I did give up soda altogether for about 6 months. But there’s something to letting yourself have one every now and then so you don’t all of a sudden go berserk and down a six pack one hot summer day.

    I could never handle the rather chemical flavor of diet sodas. Yeah, I really can taste the difference. The best is to get Mexican Cokes, cause they use real sugar instead of corn syrup. Tastes so much better.

  • HA! I was the same way, except I called it the “sting.” I craved the “sting” in my throat. It’s been 14 months. 14 MONTHS! It’s like I’m amish.

  • Sarah….
    At what point did you realize that everyone calls it soda, not pop? We grew up in the same area, yet it wasn’t until I moved to SD that I started w/ the word soda. Love that you figured it out while still in Utah. I never did.

  • To Justin2 – my dentist told me that pop causes cavities because it sits in your mouth and mixes with bacteria – something about the fizz -

    How helpful was that? ha ha ha!

  • Sarah,

    When you’re done with all this willpower, will you box up the leftovers and send them to Chicago for me?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I still can’t believe you quit.

  • And, Mexi-Cokes are more expensive, generally as well, so you savor them and drink fewer of them … a 6-er of Mexi-Coke is almost as much as a 6-er of “good” barley-pop at the grocery store.

    I put “good” in quotes, because the really good stuff is at the state liquor stores … but I ain’t talkin’ Bud.

  • Congratulations on day 5! Don’t fall off the wagon this weekend!

  • I had to give up soda because it was contributing to my severe gastritis. so sad. I miss my diet pepsi

  • Kick him a 2nd time for me…I can only hope we have the same dentist…I just got worked over by mine (as seen in my most recent blog post)…I still hurts…help me

  • So, does diet soda cause cavities too? I wasn’t aware of that…5 days is a long time to be off anything that’s habit–hat’s off to ya sista!

  • Wanna go out for some soda pops? Haha.

    I’ve always known the word as “pop” myself, but I caught myself saying “soda” not long ago. Stupid Utah accent.

    By the way, I’ve had one cavity ever. I was like 9. Never a cavity since, and I drink at least 3 Sprites per week. Dentists aren’t always right.

  • I’m trying to quit soda too…I did it once. For 5 years and then I started working in that same office building with a huge fridge full of soda…(as I’m sure you well remember)and it all went downhill from there.
    So go Sarah!

  • Ditch your constant reference to me! I don’t appreciate it.

    Really, the “Baby Jesus” thing is played out. Next reference, please.

  • whoever made the last comment – shutup.. if you dont like it, stop reading

    Well done Sarah on the soda thing.. to celebrate i will have a glass of coke for you (sorry, just couldn’t help myself)


  • Switch to whiskey. All of the burn, none of the teeth rotting!

  • I thought I was the ONLY one with a diet dr. pepper addiction. I’ve been trying to kick the junk for a while.
    I’m going to need Dr. Drew to beat it.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Hey, just saw this article on my google reader. http://lifehacker.com/397378/what-are-your-best-alternatives-to-soda for the best ways to kick the soda habit. I kicked it about 2 years ago. It took a month or two to get used to it. I don’t like plain water much, so I substituted with flavored water and that worked for me. OK, and more coffee than normal if I am to be truthful. Keep it up. It made me feel much better not to drink the soda and now I can’t stand the taste of it. I’d rather have water at this point.

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