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I’m Baaaackkkkk.

I’ve always prided myself in being the type of person who doesn’t give a shit about what people think of me. Recently I discovered that’s not exactly true anymore.

Case in point: my relationship with FSB(f).

It didn’t work out. Obviously.

Something, something… I was too mean and he was too crazy.

I stopped blogging because during a very heated argument he told me everyone in his life hated me. Umm, and I was the mean one? All snarky comments aside, the old Sarah would’ve said, “Like I give a shit what your friends and family think. It’s only important what MY friends and family think and guess what? They love me, so suck it.”

Sadly, that’s not what happened.

Instead I took it insanely personally and stopped writing altogether. Why? He said his family had taken the time to try to get to know me by reading this blog. Without getting to know me, in person, they decided I was a horrible person who was mean to their son and hated Mormons. Sigh…

Instead of dealing with things, I just stopped writing. It didn’t seem worth the drama at the time and I was hurt.

Well, I’ve moved on and accepted that not everyone will like me and that’s fine. I know I’m better off without his nutty, Mormon family in my life. There’s only room for one nutty, Mormon family in my life and I’m much rather have that family be my family. They’re far superior and their nutty is the good kind of nutty.

What I’m trying to say is I’m back.



    I have missed you.

  • I am so glad you are back. I’ve missed your blog so much!!!

  • glad you’re back! and boo for crazy people who don’t think you are awesome.

  • Finally!!! I’ve missed your posts. It makes me laugh that someone thought you hated Mormons. I’m LDS and have been reading you for years and never got that vibe.

  • Yay!! I have missed reading your writing! I am glad you are back.

  • YAY checked daily….missed your awesome writing…welcome back!

  • Sarah,

    Glad to have you back. We need your wit and charm. Screw the BFF. His loss, girl. You are AWESOME! Believe it. Now sharpen that pen and let it all out!

  • WELCOME BACK!! I’ve missed your posts!! And, I will say it for you – he can totally go suck it! You are AWESOME and we <3 your wit and charm so that is all that matters!

  • We definitely got the better end of this deal. Welcome back!! We’ve missed you.

  • Welcome back. Ex-boyfriends can suck it. You’re fabulous.

  • SO GLAD!!

    I’m sorry that things didn’t work out — and that you were hurt. I too feel that they should all suck it! You are a gifted, amazing, beautiful woman and it’s SO their loss.

  • Their loss – Losers !

  • So glad.

    And “the other mormons” freakin’ accept you for who you are. Stop dating pussies and their pussy families.

  • i am so sorry sarah! it s tough to make love work. but love shouldnt be work and mormons are no damn fun! you got your blood and they count most. you count too. you got the new gig so cool and any writings we got by you well wow. i am and always have been a fan~ best wishes~!

  • P.S. He had skinny legs…yuck.

  • Welcome back! You’ve been missed.


    You were too hot for him, I feel like I can say that now.

    Plus, he hurt you so he automatically goes on my DESPISE list, which is a HUGE DEAL because I normally only add people from the new cast of SNL to it.

    You know who’s fun? CATHOLICS. For real, we drink tons, only one in every five of us are red heads, and we’re ridiculously good at Yo Mama jokes.

  • YES!!! I have missed you and your wit. And the dog pictures. Thought you were gone for good and I was sad. Welcome back! Don’t leave us again.

  • First, glad you’re back, bitch.

    Second, you inspired me. That’s right, inspired, because I recently got shit for my blog, and I was contemplating taking it down. But no. That’s how they win.

    And we’re the only winners up in here.


  • Very happy to see you back again! Sorry things ended up the way they did. :(

  • Ditto @Brittany. Except for the catholic part, mostly because I’m not one and don’t know. But FSB looked like a mormosexual if ever I saw one (sorry, just from appearances!), and your making him a B(f) just confirmed for me the hopelessness of dating in Utah… probably still hopeless, but awesome to see you back!

  • I don’t get it, how could they not like you after reading your writing? I don’t know you in person, but am postive that you Rock in “real life” just from reading your blog. I’m sensing a lack of a sense of humor that appears to be hereditary. It’s a shame and totally lame. And that’s my two cents worth.

  • Sorry things didn’t work out, I thought he was “the one” myself, I guess I didn’t see what everyone else did. But it is certainly his loss and I’m very glad you’re back!

  • Ahhh, thanks everyone for the supportive and kind words. The interwebs rock!

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