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I'm hated. Or had.

When harassing people through text messaging please remember spelling is key. Otherwise the recipient (me, in this case) is left scratching their head in wonderment.

Tales of Wit and Charm, Sarah Bellum


  • Do you know the sender?

  • I think you should blurr out your phone number

  • She live in Utah that can’t be her number.

  • Sarah, You must have logged into blogger from my computer last time you were over here. I just had to delete my comment when it posted as you! I was tempted to post an entire blog post but my conscience got the better of me and I logged out.

    As I was saying, that’s not Sarah’s number. The screen on iPhones display the number where the text is coming from. Since the number isn’t saved under a name I doubt this is a friend of hers.

    I Googled the number and came up with nothing. My curiosity has gotten the better of me. Do you know the person?

  • It’s like that Rammstein song “Du hast”. At first, it sounds like he’s saying “you hate me,” (Du hasst mich) but then when he finally finishes the sentence, you see that it’s really “you have asked me” (Du hast mich gefragt).

  • anon: Nope, no idea.

    anon: After getting a bunch of emails I cropped the picture. Although, for the record, that wasn’t my phone number.

    anon: Correct.

    MNP: I did. I was too lazy to log on via my phone. I’m sorry! You should’ve posted first, it could have been pretty funny. I want to know what you would’ve said.

    As for the number, we can call it next time I’m over. FROM YOUR PHONE!

    sra: I’ve never heard the song.

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