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In January I'm going to spend all my free-time GLOATING.

When I decided to go back to school full-time to finish my degree I knew there would be consequences. I just didn’t know there would be so many.

Over the past year I have neglected my friends and family, gained weight and stopped dating altogether. My free time was limited and I had to spend most of it studying. At least once a week I wanted to quit school. I missed my friends. I missed hanging out with my brothers, and I definitely missed having a real paycheck.

I constantly questioned whether or not finishing my degree was worth it. Today I received my graduation evaluation, and quickly realized it really was worth it.

University of Utah Graduation Email

BOO-YAH! I’m almost there!

I’ll be the first grandchild in the Nielson clan to graduate from the University of Utah. Cousins have graduated from other great schools, and even the much-hated BYU. However, I’ll be the only one to graduate from the same school that my uncles and father graduated from. This gives me a huge sense of family pride AND something to hold over all the cousins who graduated years ahead of me, which was really the end goal.


  • You can use all that extra heft to sit on your cousins and pin them down as you shove the diploma in their faces and/or demand that they set you up on a date.

  • Sarah – this is awesome. You’ve had to face a lot of challenges to get there, but you’ve done it. I am really surprised to hear that the other grandchildren went to either other great schools or BYU. Maybe you can restart the tradition of going to the University of Utah. Go UTES!

  • i’m happy that you will have a degree and that watching the hills with me won’t be so tricky as there won’t be any homework to worry about

  • Yay!! Ute grads are the best grads. It’s nice to see that light at the end of the tunnel, isn’t it?

  • Gloating and Goating her troubles to tame
    My darling Bellum in loveliness goes
    With delicate,celibate, ne’er-quitting fame
    More than a Bachelor, mine Bachelorette knows

    My beaut is a Ute, let much be reckoned
    Not blue, white, and tan would her sweet bosom don
    For though the allure of the Cougar may beckon
    My cougar wears only blood crimson anon!

    Oh dance, ye Nielsteins, uproarious clan
    In the days of Janus, thy daughter will rise
    The girl last you’d seen has become, now, a man
    With knowledge and wit spewing forth from her eyes

    Hath BA or BS or Masters been won?
    My Master wilt none of this BS proclaim.
    Instead let the messengers, light-footed, run
    Proclaiming forever her glorious fame

    Instead, let us swiftly the naysayers shun
    Forced, by her conquest, to wither in shame

    Instead, shall I sleep ‘neath the rays of the sun
    Dreaming of only mine graduate’s name.

    Sarah Bellum.

  • Forgive me dear! Stanza 2 Line 1 ought read “let that much be reckoned”! Oh what a painful screetch that arhythmic line surely sounded in thy perfect ears. A thousand apologies :(

  • OOOH! I’m almost there too! I just have one more semester of hell after this one.
    I am doing the “why don’t i just quit” thing too, but I know I’ll be glad when I finally finish.

    Good work! :)

  • Congrats, lady. Of course, in January I’ll be on a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico. I guess that means I’m gloating in November.

  • Hooray! What day is graduation, so I can put a SarAimee night on the calendar for soon after?

  • How about you just move here when you graduate? I’m going to have a big house with a pool soon, and you can totally live with us. I’ll make the boys stay outside, I promise.

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