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In Utah This Week, Issue #86

Sarah Nielson, In Utah This Week

I’ve always been one to take things slow. Case in point, I’m 32 and still in college. I like to space things out in my life. This includes dating– especially online dating.

On average, when meeting men online I like to exchange email for a couple of weeks before meeting them face-to-face. A few friends have pointed out how much time and emotion I waste doing this. Therefore, I decided the next time a man suggested we meet right away, I would agree.

After only one day of emailing a particular man we agreed to meet for coffee. He filled the prerequisites of having a job and hair, so I figured he couldn’t be all that bad.

Five minutes into the casual ‘date’ I was contemplating sending out an SOS text to all my friends begging them for an emergency call. Though, out of guilt, I didn’t. Sitting on a hard wooden seat, I tried to carry on a conversation with this man whom I knew I could never date. Sometimes you just know. Sure, we had quite a few things in common, but in person he just irritated me. It was all rather disappointing.

I sat there being interrogated by this man and found myself not wanting to share any personal information. That’s never a good sign. I answered all his questions as ambiguously as I could. This wasn’t good enough for him and he continued trying to needle more information out of me. (Note to all men: if the woman you are with doesn’t want to answer your questions, take the hint and STOP ASKING HER!)

Still looking for an out, I saw a friend of a friend walk by and waved at him. To the untrained observer it looked like the typical “hey, what’s up” wave, but really it was a plea to be saved. If only he could have thrown me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and run like hell.

In all fairness, my date seemed like a nice enough man: well-educated, handsome, and amazing eyes. Without a doubt, he’s man worthy of meeting the parents. Of course you’d have to drive separately to avoid listening to him laugh at everything that comes out of his mouth.

Forty-five of the longest minutes of my life passed and we finally parted ways. I walked out knowing I never wanted to see this man again, let alone date him. I’m nearly positive he felt the same way. I’m sure I came across seeming cold and uninterested. I felt like a failure for wasting his time and mine and promised myself next time to have a phone conversation before meeting. He had, in fact, suggested this, but I’m not really a phone person so I opted to just meet first. I have no one but myself to blame.

If dating makes me want to be a teenage girl and cut myself in the bathroom to numb the emotional pain, perhaps it’s time to take a break for a while. I’d consider taking time off, but I have another coffee date in an hour. Here’s to hoping this one is better!


  • That’s why it’s best to just let nature take its course as far as car washing goes. If you wash in the winter, it’ll just get dirty again instantly, so just wait until spring when god sends us free car washes from heaven!

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