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In Utah This Week, Issue #91

The Dating Years

This week’s “The Dating Years.”

Over the years I’ve watched many friends get breast augmentation and breast reduction surgeries. Friends that didn’t need any work done in the first place were having their breasts done just because everyone else was.

I’ve always been less than confident with the size of my breasts. Having small breasts in a world where bigger is always better can be a struggle at times. I go back and forth on the idea of having surgery, but in the end always opting to remain silicone free.

I’ve always had small breasts. Always. I was teased throughout junior high school and high school because of the small size. On a daily basis, I heard that I was a carpenters dream– flat as a board and never been nailed. Every single variation of the phrase and many others has been engrained in my head forever.

As a teenager, I tried everything to increase bust size, from bust increasing exercises to spreading an opened can of green beans on my bare chest. Yes, really. I overheard two girls in the junior high school locker room discussing how that had helped fill their bras out. I had nothing to lose, so I tried it. It did, however, screw up my mother’s dinner plans when she noticed a key ingredient to her casserole was missing. I lied and told her one of my brothers had eaten them. To this day she thinks my brother Ben loves green beans.

I survived those formative years and somehow managed to come out relatively unscathed. So what if my breasts aren’t a double d cup. Isn’t there some truth to the saying, “more than a handful is a waste?”

And as per usual just when I start feel good about myself things have a way of going awry.

I found myself dating a breast man–One who enjoyed women who have more to offer in that department than I do… a lot more. Over the following year subtle hints were dropped that made me consider having a breast augmentation surgery. I tossed the idea around for months before mentioning it to him. Needless to say, he was ecstatic. He even offered to pay for half. Which, still to this day, seems odd; I don’t feel comfortable with someone else owning one of my breasts. After researching the technique and choices for implants I chickened out. I think part of it was that I realized I would be having the surgery for him, not me. And I’ve never been the type of girl who makes life changes for someone else. Especially a man I’m dating.

If someone doesn’t love my body the way it is, they shouldn’t be dating me. Later when we ended our relationship I was very happy I didn’t have the surgery.

At the end of the day, it’s about being comfortable with the skin you’re in. And though, I’m not always comfortable with my body, I’m getting there. One padded bra at a time.


  • I was part of the music committee in high school, and all of us were conservatively endowed. One girl told me I was part of the itty-bitty-titty-committee. How could I be mad when she was right?

    But when my boyfriend moved in a couple years ago, my boobs suddenly swelled a full size! How ecstatic we both were! Now I love my boobs.

    Here’s the thing: fake boobs always look fake. Nothing natural is that round and perky. And what’s more important than big boobs is proportional boobs. You want boobs that look good on your body. If you are small, there’s no shame in small boobs. And, as in my case, you just never know what might happen to your boobs naturally.

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