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In Utah This Week, Issue #93

Sarah Nielson, The Dating Years

This week’s installment of “The Dating Years.”

The theme of this week’s issue is dancing, in a roundabout way.. I’ve been trying to come up with a way to discuss dancing in a dating column. This has been rather difficult given I’ve already written about my short-lived pole-dancing career.

The only retained memory of my other short-lived dancing career, ballet, was timing. My dance teacher used to repeat to me over and over, “Sarah, timing is everything.” My timing has always been a bit off–in dancing and dating alike.

Last summer when I should have taken some time off dating to heal a past relationship, I chose to instead date The Yuppie. Consequently, ruining any possibility of maintaining a healthy and loving relationship with him. But, I just couldn’t help myself. You’d understand if you spent five minutes with him. He’s incredibly handsome, intelligent and witty, with the perfect blend of sarcasm.

I’ve always had a difficult time forming a loving attachment. For me, it’s a matter of trust. I’ve had enough negative dating experiences in my life, that it takes me a little longer than most to gain an element of trust. While dating The Yuppie, I didn’t give myself enough time to form that trust and attachment. I was too caught up in my past relationship baggage to realize that.

When we ended our relationship last summer there were some hard feelings on both our parts. Fortunately after a fair amount of time, we both moved on and were able to establish a healthy friendship.

We don’t see one another as often as I’d like; life is busy with work, friends and other relationships–ones we tend to vent to one another about.

Saturday night we got together for dinner and some above-mentioned venting. Sitting across from him at dinner I couldn’t help but remember why I was so attracted to him in the first place. He is one of the few people in my life who really understands me. I know how cliché that sounds, but it’s entirely true. When talking to him about my love life I never feel the need to justify my decisions to stop dating someone. He understands my snobbery, as he has been accused of the exact same thing.

As he spoke I felt a wave of sadness hit me like a ton of bricks. I couldn’t help but question our relationship. What if our timing had been different? What if we’d met now, rather than a year prior? With a giant lump in my chest I quickly changed the subject to something a tad less emotional: the band playing. Unknown to me, my favorite brunch spot, Caffé Niche, has live music on Friday and Saturday nights. The Yuppie had noticed a sign out front and invited me to go check it out with him. The band was incredible. I have no idea who they were, but the singer was astonishing. I for one, will most definitely being going back to hear her sing. Plus they serve wine.

The evening ended and once I got home I couldn’t shake the feeling that my poor timing had ruined something with him… something that could have been extraordinary. It was extremely difficult to make sense of my emotions, but I finally did. What I wasn’t able to achieve when dating The Yuppie I was able to achieve now. In my friendship, I finally found that much needed element of trust, and with that I have been able to form an attachment. Proving once again, my timing it complete crap.


  • Great column Sarah despite whatever nonsense “Bubbles” wrote on the IN site. You’re not too old to date, nor are you a has been. I think your writing hits home with most of your readers. Sure there’s some bitter ones, but I’m guessing thats nothing to do with your column so much as someone mad at you.

    I always like the Yuppie columns, was hoping his Bday wasn’t the last. You two really aught to start dating again. Sounds like a good fit you were just in the wrong place with timing. Consider it.

    I hope Bubbles floats off into some other area to bitch about.

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