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In Utah This Week, Issue #94

Sarah Bellum

This week’s “The Dating Years.”

A Spoonful of Cute Boy Helps the Medicine Go Down

It’s difficult to date when you’re couch ridden due to a horrendous cross between SARS and Bird Flu.

Being sick is always miserable. Although, if I had caught the sickness from a wild night of hot sex, the reflection period would have at least somewhat lessened the misery. Sadly, I don’t have that luxury–there was no hot night involved.

After a day of being sick I called my doctor and when he wasn’t able to see me that day, I headed to the InstaCare in hopes of finding some sort of medical relief. When I walked in I realized I was in for quite a wait. Half the city had taken up residence in the waiting room. I found a spot, grabbed a book out of my bag, and settled in for the long wait. Twenty minutes in, a very hot, male newcomer took the empty blue cushioned seat across from me.

The InstaCare waiting room isn’t exactly the best environment for flirting. For me anyway, sex appeal isn’t at its prime when accompanied with mucus filled symphony of throat hacking. I made eye contact, smiled and said, “Welcome to Hell.” He laughed and we both went back to our respective reading materials. He got cuter as the wait went on. Before I had a chance to make another attempt at conversation his name was called and he went back to see a doctor. I vowed to talk to him if we had the chance again.

Before long, my name was called and I made my way back to a somewhat sterile room. I was handed a robe and told to take my top off so the doctor could listen to my lungs. I peeled off my shirt and sweater, donned the robe, and waited.

After the doctor made his two-minute appearance, I was getting dressed when I heard the cute boy’s voice at the nurses’ station. I threw on my shirt and sweater, grabbed my bag and hurried out. He was still at the nurse’s station waiting for his paperwork. Score! I started walking towards him when I head someone calling my name behind me. I turned in time to see the nurse waving my rattiest bright pink bra. “Sarah, you forgot something.” The cute boy looked up in time just to see the spectacle. He giggled as I turned bright red. I grabbed my bra, shoved it into my purse, and rushed out. Forget talking to the boy, what was the point? I was entirely too embarrassed.

Apparently cute boys are a dime a dozen at the local InstaCare. The last time I visited also resulted in a cute boy sighting. With the Petri dish valley of ours, another trip to the InstaCare is most definitely in my future.

I guess the cute boy factors into the silver lining somehow, making getting sick not quite as bad. Next time I will remember to wear a sexy, lacey, black bra to the InstaCare. Perhaps next time my results will differ.


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