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In Utah This Week–Issue #96

My new column is out.

I ended up going with one of the titles they suggested: “That’s What She Said.” I appreciate all the suggestions sent, and my favorite was “Tune IN” suggested by Beaches369. Rather than send her a gift card she asked I send the money to the local homeless shelter, which I thought was an excellent idea. Consider it done.


That’s What She Said
By Sarah Nielson
After reading the title are you picturing Michael Scott from The Office?  Don’t worry, me too.  His famous “that’s what she said” double entendre line seems to be in nearly every episode.
When my editor suggested naming this column “That’s What She Said” I cringed, stopped, took a deep breath and then cringed again.  Who wants a column name that reminds readers of sophomoric humor?  Not me.  That is until I found myself watching reruns of Gilmore Girls over the weekend.  In one of my favorite episodes the line was repeated so much I couldn’t help but laugh. While I’m not the type of person who calls a coincidence a sign, I am the type of person who happily gives in to a bit of crass humor on occasion. If it’s good enough for my beloved Gilmores it’s certainly good enough for me.  And hopefully you.

Really, who am I to scoff at immature humor?  I’m just as guilty when it comes to telling a dirty joke as any twelve-year-old boy. I loved writing about my dating life, but after a couple of years I was bored silly of my dating life and I assumed my readers were as well.  It was definitely time for a change.   

IN Utah This Week hasn’t had an entertainment/pop culture column since Dan Nailen left the newspaper.  Moving into that role made perfect sense.  I can still write about my life, but leave the dating where it belongs: in my bedroom. 
This column will be chocked full of useless pop culture references, local entertainment, concerts, nightlife, and of course, bits and pieces of my life.  I’m thrilled at the prospects.  Finally I can justify all the gossip magazines that I subscribe to and the many gossip blogs found on my RSS reader.  My friends will also be relieved that I have a formal outlet to discuss pop culture.  I fear they are really tired of hearing about Brittney Spears’   latest episodes of insanity, or what trash TV show I’m addicted to this week. 

I plan on writing a few columns about spending time in the life of some of our local scenesters, as well as the occasional focus on self-improvement.  I will also include fun stuff, like crazy new exercise routines and other random and often odd crazes.  As always, I welcome ideas from readers.  Also, my lovely lady editor, Amy, has a few surprises under her sleeve– stay tuned for what’s to come.

This column is brought to you exclusively by half a bottle of cheap Australian Shiraz.  Note to self: never buy marginal wine on sale– spend the extra two bucks.  


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