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In Utah This Week–That's What She Said

To read my column this week click here. When you finish please pray to whatever god you believe in, that I may be blessed with extraordinary kickball skills by six o’clock tonight. Otherwise, pray I don’t punch anyone who makes fun of me in the face.


  • I’ve never been to a concert like that, and I’ve been to some pretty amazing concerts.

    Hopefully I’ll get the chance because it sounds so totally awesome!

  • The key to kickball is velocity. Think of your leg as a coiled spring, and when you kick the ball, it should be a sharp, high impact movement within a short range of motion. If it were a punch, it would be a jab. Also, placement is key. Aim over the heads of the infielders, or directly at the head of any weak infielder.

    At least, that’s what I remember from being 8. Rules may have changed in the centuries since. :P

  • Christopher Sean

    I like how they place a rum ad next to your story, yet you talk about vodka.

  • Great IN this week.

    Regarding tonight, I would think the key to kicking is follow through – imagine kicking THROUGH the ball – and follow through like golf. Otherwise I agree with Sov – aim over or at infielders heads…

    Good luck!

  • Ahhh…you do know kickball can be brutal depending on who you are playing with right? Remember to guard your face…in fact I’m going to offer a little prayer for you just in case!

  • I so wish I could have gone with you (Damn those brothers that require their sisters to help them last minute) but I’m glad that Rlo could use the ticket.

  • This is completely out of nowhere (except for that I saw the movie last night), but you totally remind me of that girl from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Seriously, you look a lot like her.
    She’s gorgeous, so I really hope your not offended…

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