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  • The thing that gets me about how you have to buy a club membership in addition to the ticket price at Saltair is that that is the ONLY bar venue where you have to pay twice. Other bars only have you pay the cover or ticket price on show nights. Any other night you have to pay the membership fee. I asked the lady selling memberships why the ticket price didn’t just cover the fee like it does everywhere else, and she said it’s because Saltair and the SaltLick (the bar upstairs) are run by two different companies, and so for liability purposes they have to collect a separate fee.

    Utter bullocks.

  • Ben Lee’s comment makes me feel awkward.

  • Well ok, I’ll go there..
    but only cuz ya told me to.

  • Wow, that totally blows my theory of Ben Lee being as sweet as he is nerdy-cute.

    Lloyd Dobbler! It scares me that I knew exactly what you were talking about. ha ha ha ha ha!

  • I’ve never considered Ben Folds to be a “rock out” kind of guy, but he’s ok. His cover of NWA’s “Bitches Ain’t Shit” is quite masterful though. Did he do that one?

  • I’m offended by Ben’s use of “Lady as well. In other news, the ads on the page with your column told me that I need a pedicure and that The Point After has some sort of 80s cover band on Thursday nights. More points for Suburbia?

  • Ben Lee is a WEIRDO! A weirdo who I also consider to be a seriously talented song writer. His older stuff is much better than his new stuff, “something to remember me by” is one of my favorite albums evvvver.

    About 4 years ago Chris and I went and saw him at Bricks and he made google eyes with me the entire set. He said something awkward while i was at the merchbooth too.

    I still love his songs, but he is definitely a stange little man.

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