I love hearing from readers, not as much as I love wine, but a VERY close second!


Instead of going to the gym I’m blogging about exercise because typing totally counts as a work out. I have long, slim fingers to prove it.

That title is only partly a lie. I also have short, sausage looking fingers. It all depends on the angle.

My body is doing some sorty of crazy Al Gore shit. I’m plumping up for the winter just like he does, only I didn’t mean to. He gets all Santa fat-like to save on heating costs. My fat was a total accident. It just sorta snuck up on me. My fat cells are total bitches like that.

With that said, I gotta find a new gym–one that doesn’t have an Arctic Circle within a twenty mile radius. Those pumpkin pie shakes will be the death of me. Until I find a new gym I decided the park is the best place for me. Not only is it a total pumpkin pie free zone, but maybe seeing skinny fit chicks will encourage me.

I put my workout clothes on and was just about to leave the house when I had the most brilliant idea ever: WHAT if someone made a pumpkin pie flavored protein shake? That would solve everything.

I turned around and ran to my computer. Google paved the way to heaven. I was so happy that I spent the next hour researching which protein powders have the lowest sugar. I’m all over this health shit.

BUT I was so tired from my research I decided to take a nap instead of going to the gym. It’s no wonder my jeans are tight.


  • I think that as female mammals we are supposed to fatten up for winter. That’s why God made bulky sweaters.

    I have no explanation for Al Gore’s santaness.

  • I’ll totally share my Jillian Michaels Wii workout! And you won’t be tempted by pumpkin shit at my house. I don’t keep that stuff. But wine…

  • I use this same theory to explain my I’m watching another episode of Say Yes To The Dress instead of actually trying to be a good partner.

  • I laughed with understanding about Arctic Circle. Dude, they put crack in their food.

    I freaking miss you. I may be back down in SLC SOON if Sandi’s wee one but you are going to Blog World! BOO!

    Two ships passing in the night. But seriously…I want to see the new digs and play with Dasiy soon. LOVE YOU.

  • oops. “If Sandi’s wee one needs surgery” that was a kinda important part I left out there.

  • I am saving my energy by searching for a 0 carb pumpkin spice coffee drink.

    If you find one for me, I promise to jump up and down a lot, which burns calories.

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