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Last night while hanging out at very, VERY young guys house, his roommate walked in. He started to introduce me to the roomie, and everything froze. Shit. This could totally be the end of a good thing. I’m so weird about this, well, and everything really… If he introduced me as someone he’s dating I’d feel too much pressure. Did I mention I’m a total lunatic?

And then I heard the magical words I needed, “This is my friend Sarah.”

Bingo. We’ve got a winner.

I shouldn’t be surprised. He’s done everything right so far. Three tickets to see Wilco: one for me, one for him and one for whomever he’s dating at the time. Calm down, Internet! That’s what I wanted.

In fact the only thing he’s done wrong is being born in the wrong year, and I can’t be too hard on the boy. His age is really his mom’s fault, not his. Seriously, how selfish of her. Is it really too much to ask that she be doing it four years earlier?


  • Four years is really nothing. If it were ten you’d have a much bigger problem. If things are so fantastic, then why even give a second thought to the age thing? Unless you are looking for a (silly) reason to screw up a good thing. Stop looking for shit!! The more important question: Is he TALLER than you? Once they pass 27, boys start to catch up to us in maturity, but they stop growing in high school.

  • If he purchased you a ticket on your own, he’s a good one. Stop worrying about stupid little things like age. If he’s a good guy with a good head on his shoulders then screw the hell out of him and enjoy it.

  • I’m with the previous commenters–don’t worry about his age if he’s got everything else going for him. Besides, being involved with a younger guy just makes you look really cool.

  • I have to agree that four years isn’t a problem. With only a four year gap in ages you still have a lot of common experiences that you can use to relate to each other. But I understand your concern. I was briefly involved with someone six years younger than me. Usually everything was fine but occasionally the age difference would make things really awkward and uncomfortable, usually over discussions of pop culture. We couldn’t really talk about music, television or movies much. For example, I can remember new wave and the early years of MTV from my childhood. She remembers Nirvana and Pearl Jam from her early childhood. Television wasn’t any better. I could recall Three’s Company, MASH and Cheers while she fondly remembered Fresh Prince and Seinfeld.

    Anyway, though it wasn’t a big deal, that constant reminder of our age difference was uncomfortable at times.

  • Haha! You’re a little neurotic, Sarah, and I mean that as endearingly as it can be meant ;)

  • And to reply to Kerrith, that’s the same age difference my boyfriend and I share. My music era is Cranberries and Nirvana, and his is… whatever. BUT, despite our root interests, we have both cultivated music and movie interests that keep up with the times, and because of that, our different roots are a non-issue.

    As for TV, I grew up watching Nick at Night, so I know all the old shows anyway.

    Age gaps don’t have to be awkward, but if they are, it’s probably a sign that your relationship isn’t compatible anyway.

  • The older you get, the less an age difference matters. I was 8 years older than my late husband, and am 16 years older than the current love. As long as he’s out of high school and legal, 4 years is nothing. Think of it this way – you’re too young to have babysat him!

  • I thought you were going to say you realized you had dated his roommate… whew.

  • All of you are making me feel old. Thing is, I’m not that old. So what if Nixon was president when I was born?

    If you can find some common interests, then age shouldn’t matter so much. I haven’t dated a girl even remotely close to my age since high school. I wouldn’t consider four years to be much of a gap anyway.

  • When I was born, there were only two dead Kennedys (if you include oldest brother Joe, who died in WWII).

  • I TOTALLY agree with everyone else on the whole age thing. Seriously…could he help being born when he was? Plus, younger guys tend to be a lot more fun (speaking from experience)!

  • Younger men older women
    that’s the way it ought to be
    don’t your read them statistics about longevity

  • My husband is two years younger than I am.

    He gets off on calling me “Mrs. Robinson”.

    The things those young whippersnappers come up with, nowadays!

  • Seriously, I thought you had dated the roommate also!

  • If he was four years older than you, would you be freaked out about that? I didn’t think so.

    People get way too hung up on the older woman/younger man thing. If he’s over 18, he’s fair game.

    Have fun!

  • I’m with AK and Norma except I thought you had only slept with the roommate, not dated him.

  • GAH! Terrible moment lol… I’m with you sarah about the whole age thing, i dunno, i would just feel weird dating an younger man…

  • Almost every man I’ve dated has been younger than I am. Age is just a number, and who cares about it? The only thing that matters is that you connect and he makes you happy.

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