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It doesn't count as child abuse when they deserve it, right?

After having the below conversation with my nephew, I decided being an aunt is the hardest job in the world. Parents have the right to beat their children. Aunts don’t. You tell me which is the easier way to deal with kids?

Yeah… I rest my case.

“Aunt Sarah, do you remember when you wore your yellow alligator underwear at my house?”

“I do Buddy, but why do you? That was three years ago.”

“I just really didn’t like them. I don’t think girls should wear boy underwear.”

“Carter they were boxers I wore to bed. Not all day underwear.”

“Well I don’t care. I’m buying you real underwear for your birthday, and they are going to be blue with cougars all over them.”

“Why are cougars OK, but alligators aren’t?”

“Because, Aunt Sarah, you are a cougar.”

“CARTER! I’m not a cougar. Who even told you that?”

“Nobody. I just know things.”

“You’re such a brat. Do you even know what that means?”

“Duh. It means you love BYU.”

I didn’t know where to start, so I didn’t. I’m not a BYU fan, nor am I a cougar, but some things aren’t worth explaining to a six-year-old. It’s much better to spend that time thinking of ways to get even. There’s going to be a very painful wedgie in his immediate future.


  • Oh my GOD that is so funny! First of all you aren’t even a puma yet so buddy needs to watch himself. Also, you should get him some BYU undies and give him a wedgie in those, I think if you did it a couple thousand times he would start to hate BYU which is kind of the point of doing anything.

  • This was hilarious. I agree with Charlotte, those wedgies should come in BYU undies form.

  • That is awesome! But I’m grateful my nephew is only 3 still cute because he doesnt talk. My favorite kind of kid!

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