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It took a few years, but I finally found a reason not to hate Facebook.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Facebook. Partly because it’s stupid, and partly because I detest the game applications. Sure, it’s awesome for stalking old boyfriends, but lately that’s not even enough to keep my attention.

In an attempt to find something worthwhile on the site I spent last night trying to hack into my brother’s account. I tried every password combination I could think of:





I finally gave up and asked him for his password, which he willingly gave me. SUCKER.

This was the result:

Picture 14

I took some “Sex and the City” quizzes on his behalf, and he’s totally a Samantha. I respected Ben’s privacy and didn’t read any of his messages. I’d point out how this makes me the best sister ever, but I joined the Sarah Palin fan group which is pretty much the shittiest thing a sister could do.


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