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It's not a dirty word if it's in the dictionary. Anyone who tells you different is a jerk.. even your mother.

I’m offically addicted to the Words with Friends app on iPhone. I spent an entire evening eating peanut butter straight from the jar while playing the game with friends. I had pants on AND used a spoon, so it’s not yet pathetic. Give me time.

At first I wasn’t sure I would like the game. It wouldn’t let me play the word clit, which is completely stupid. Sure it’s slang, but it’s still a real word; I checked both a hard copy and online dictionary.

I was, however, allowed to use profanity, and it was worth a whopping 40 points!

words with friends iphone app

As soon as I beat Jen in this game, I’m going to write an email to the game developers and school them on female sexual organs. Without a collectors edition of a vagina action figure, it’s easy to understand why they would miss that.


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