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It's Cute When RLO Tries to be Straight

Every once in a blue moon RLO tries to prove to me he is straight. His latest effort deserves a gold star!  When he called to tell me he was on his way to pick me up for dinner I wasn’t exactly expecting this:

Biker RLO is far less kind than regular RLO. He didn’t even offer me his helmet until half way through the ride, proving he’s trying to kill me.  Oh I totally deserve it, but still…


  • Mr. Radar-Lock-On would do well to give a head-protection garment to a fair lady such as thyself, Mr. Sarah. Would you have chanced a smack in the head by a floating Blue Moon, Gold Star, or other celestial body, I would be infuriated to the marrow!:-(

  • Well no offense to RLO but he looks kinda gay on the bike. ha ha ha ha ha!

    I feel kinda unsure saying that.. because I don’t want to offend anyone.. but truly that was my first thought….

    that and – did he bring you a helmet – which i found my answer as i continue reading your post.

    Bad RLO, bad, bad RLO. ha ha ha!

  • Rlo looked quite straight when he blocked some kid from cutting the hour long wine/beer line at the Gallivan Center last night – then Ben stepped in to prevent Rlo from getting punched. This only made Rlo look a little less straight. Rlo then walked out of the line after purchasing a bottle of water and this definitely made him look super girlie…

  • My gaydar doesn’t really work. I always think people are gay. Maybe because I’ve had sex with so many “straight guys”, or “three-beer-queers”. But if I had to guess just from this picture of RLO…..

    Jury is out.

    Sarah, what’s the 411 on the “kitty” picture. I must know.

    Heart you.

  • Oh, that was from me.

  • haha, my friend has moments like that, mainly involves working out and talking about protien and stuff……

    then going and doing some gardening.. haha… clearly gay

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