I love hearing from readers, not as much as I love wine, but a VERY close second!


Joining the Ranks

When I moved my site from blogger I started paying hosting services. As much as I love blogging I don’t want to pay money to blog, hence the ads. Forgive me.

After paying hosting fees any extra income will be deposited directly to my college fund. As readers you should all pat yourself on the backs, after all, it’s entirely possible you’ll be helping me finish my degree.

I thank you, and my dog thanks you. I have considered adding her to an illicit ring of pug porn in order to pay textbook costs. I think we can all agree this is a much better option.


  • While the ads might be the better option, now you have my curiosity sparked as to what a pic of a porn doggie looks like. ha ha ha!

  • WindyCityWineLover

    Good for you, you should be getting paid.

  • I commend your ads, however, please… for the LOVE OF GOD, tell me how you can get people to click on them. I’ve tried ads on my blog before, and in fact there are some on it now, and although I get lots and lots of impressions, I’ve never once received even a single click. Not one! I know you have thousands and thousands of loyal readers, and I have like… six, but I get a good amount of traffic from Stumble Upon and elsewhere, yet nary a click to be had on an ad. Perhaps it’s a fad? Perhaps I’ve been had? More to the point, it still makes me mad.

    Sorry about that rhyming bit there…

  • I look forward to reading your site. I will be more than happy to click through to help support my reading entertainment.

  • I didn’t want to pay a lot for hosting, so I signed up with nearlyfreespeech.net. My blog is a little, mostly unknown thing (http://www.cliopatra.net – stop on by!) and I think my fees for the first two months were less than $5 total.

  • I’m not clicking a THING until you decide to once again put the money towards new boobs, just like you were in the good old days!!

    Or maybe you just don’t need new boobs anymore.

  • I don’t mind ads, love the blog!

  • just apologizing, no need to get all butt hurt.
    i’m sorry.

  • Go ads!
    Let me know if you need someone to mail you some goodies from Trader Joes. We have tons here!

  • Nothing wrong with comments, especially if they make you monday

    You go girl!

  • Wow. That was the worst typo ever. I meant Money, NOT monday.

    Its been a long day (and its only 11:30am) =o|

  • @Sov (and everyone) – I don’t see the ads, but then I use Firefox with Adblock Plus, so I never see any. I suspect that’s one aspect to the difficulty of making them work.

    @Sarah – fun blog, good luck with making it pay – always a challenge.

  • Should you ever need free hosting let me know. I have a dedicated server with a whole lot of unused bandwidth.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog since finding it linked from Dooce.com . Good stuff!

  • Don’t mind the ads. Love reading your blog. It’s crazy to think we are all sitting at a computer somewhere in Utah…There are super witty people in Utah :)

  • Sometimes I really wish I had a one eyed pug…
    Miss you

  • Those “Gay Thug Dating” ads on your site are really amusing. Are they serious? Gay Thug Dating? Huh, what?

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