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Karma is my Bitch

Last night I drove to West Jordan to meet friends for a movie. I’ve been dying to see Sweeny Todd and they were going, so it was well worth the commute. Plus they don’t suck.

MapQuest totally lied to me—it took way longer than 16 minutes to get there. Luckily I had my new Spice Girls CD to listen to, so I didn’t mind as much. Getting out of the car I was still singing the Wannabe lyrics…

“Yo. I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want.
So tell me what you want, what you really really want.”

…slightly off-key and entirely louder than I should’ve been, when I heard snickering behind me. Embarrassed I started walking faster, but in my non-weather appropriate footwear that wasn’t such a good idea. I, of course, slipped and in my attempt to keep from falling on my ass I accidentally grabbed the side mirror of a car, nearly tearing it off. It was all sorts of awesome, since the car belonged to the laugher.

So, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want. Not to look like a dumb ass in public, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.


  • I vow to never, ever, laugh at somebody singing the Spice Girls again.


    P.S. — Curse you for getting that stuck in my head!

  • Based on what you describe, it would appear that you’re in fact Karma’s bitch.

  • I can’t help but laugh. What a great story.

  • ah, can i get a copy of that CD! I need it for my spice girls cd case, and because I love them!

  • Better a dumbass than a fatass.

  • i think the spice girls are absolutely brilliant and little ak (strongly) agrees

  • I can one up you, I went to see the Spice Girls in Vegas. And they were GOOD.

  • bob: You deserve that song in your head for ever laughing at anything Spice Girl related!

    anon: Perhaps…

    anon: Thanks, better to laugh at it then cry about it.

    midge: Of course!!

    anon: Very true!

    Mrs. AK: Yes, they are brilliant. This spectacle I made of myself is totally your fault, you know. But I forgive you as you tend to be my favorite Brit.

  • …. laughing… hard enough…. to have…. nothing…. to…. say.

    Glad you didn’t look dumb after all of that.

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