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Kids Know Best

Last night I went over to Mrs. AK’s house for a much needed BFF night.  It’s been a tough week.  School is kicking my ass, and a comment from a co-worker really got under my skin and pissed me off.

Needless to say, I needed my BFFs and a nice glass of wine.

Little AK was ecstatic to see me, and I was just as happy to see her.  I’ve been too busy for BFF night, and man have I missed my second family.

After hugging me for a good five minutes Little AK requested we play in the other room.  “Honey let me have a glass of wine first.  It makes me soooo much more fun to play with.”  She nodded understandably and followed me into the kitchen.

Thirty minutes of bossing RLO around and catching up with Mrs. AK, I turned around to find Little AK pointing her finger at my glass, “Sarah drink your wine right this very second.”  And you know what?  I did just that.  I think it’s important to let kids think that they are in charge on occasion.  So for good measure I drank two.


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