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Kids Make the Best Therapists

Last night while reading a book to my niece, tears started rolling down my cheeks. She looked at me like I’d lost my mind. I tried to explain the story was especially poignant for me, but it’s incredibly difficult to express to a child that I’m so obsessed with finding perfection that I often forget to find happiness. So I did what I do best, I illustrated the point with a drinking example.

“It’s like a mint julep Hannah. I’ve always wanted one, but haven’t.”


“You can drink a mint julep anywhere, but in my head it has to be perfect. I need to be in Savannah, Georgia on a porch swing with someone I love.”

“Aunt Sarah, your head is wrong and kinda weird.”

Ouch. Who needs therapy when you have an insightful niece?


  • Your head is also pretty. But Hannah is kind of right in a funny little kid way.

    You might accidentally find perfection hiding somewhere right behind a tiny piece of happiness, so go get it. Love you!

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