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Laughter isn't always the best medicine; sometimes it's just downright annoying.

Have you watched a movie in a theater with a howler? You know that person that laughs at the most inappropriate times LOUDLY? I’m that person. It sucks but I just can’t help myself.

Yesterday my friend Ryan and I went to see “I Love You, Man.” We’ve seen movies together before but always suspense or dramas, never a comedy.  He had no idea what he was getting into–although, the fact that I laugh hysterically over the stupid “shut your cell phone” promos should have been enough of a warning.

The movie started and I instantly started laughing at the most awkward parts of the film. From the concerned look on his face I think he was worried that I was having a seizure, or was choking on my tongue.

I tried to tone it down. Really I did. I just wasn’t successful. When I try and hold laughter in I feel like my face is going to explode. Face explosions are a LOT more distracting than hyena laughter, or so I keep telling myself.

Ryan didn’t complain, but I have a feeling we are going to start seeing a lot of depressing films from here on out.


  • I think this is probably why we get along so well. Heh.

  • We should seriously see a movie sometime or maybe just watch tv together b/c I do the same thing. And God help me if I ever get the giggles b/c then it’s NON-STOP! I’ll go from giggling to roaring to coughing, then I get hot and have to fan myself. Full out vapors! Yep, we should definitely get together! :)

  • I don’t think you’d be laughing so hard after I punch you in the face.

  • I would much rather have a howler in my theater then people who are not laughing at all!

  • I forgive you for almost embarrassing me in an almost empty theater, but only if you watch the new Star Trek with me.

    Seriously though, the movie WAS funny but watching it with Sarah made it hilarious!

  • so, you would fit right in with the Joker, Harly Quinn and The Riddler.

  • Loralee: Don’t you remember us laughing like loons during that train wreck of chick flick we saw together? I DO! As does the rest of the theater.

    Julie: Sounds like we’d get along famously, as well as annoy the rest of the world. ME LIKEY!

    Kel: Punching midgets don’t scare me.

    Melissa: That’s a relief!

    Ryan: I’ll watch the new “Star Trek” with you if you sedate me and feed me first. If I nap through it it won’t be bad at all!

    Mkey: I guess, but way, way hotter.

  • Hahaha, I laugh at the bits that aren’t meant to be funny too. I remember once when I was younger, my friend and I went and saw AI at the theater. And she had choked on her own saliva, and was trying to wait till a noisy part before having a coughing fit. And she succeeded, and managed to stop just before the quiet part resumed, but all the coughing, built up, and just as it went silent again, she did a MASSIVE burp that practically echoed. Followed by insane amounts of giggling. Lol… theatre stayed deathly quiet.

  • I was the only person laughing hysterically at the Royal Tenenbaums in a theatre in Chicago, much to the amusement of my companion. Being from the midwest near Chicago, if they can’t laugh at the Royal Tenenbaums they deserve to be considered a fly-over state.

  • i am so that person, too! my husband and i no longer go to movies in theaters (not for this reason), which works out well, because at home when i’m laughing so hard i’m crying, i can stop the dvd until i catch my breath.

  • funny movie! i feel ya on this one

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