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Laziness Karma

Yesterday I strapped on my scooter helmet and was about to walk out the door when I realized I needed to use the bathroom before leaving. So I did, while wearing a helmet. Sure, it felt a little odd, but laziness pretty much runs my life, and I was far too lazy to take the helmet off.

Later, after class, while getting on my bike I dropped my helmet on the cement. A crack and much cursing ensued.

I’m pretty sure the universe is telling me that my hair looks much better without helmet head.


  • The good news is usually helmet companies warranty those kinds of things. You should check into that.

  • Yes, but your brain looks better inside your head.

  • Nothing a little draywall mud and some nail polish can’t fix.

  • If that cracked from a mere drop on the sidewalk, I’m not sure it would have adequately protected your head in a scooter crash. No?

  • I think the universe could’ve told you in a nicer way.

  • I totally agree with Kel on this one, because between you and me, brain matter should ALWAYS be contained. You absolutely CANNOT have those little glial cells and dendrites running all over town. Especially yours, they might harass the old, indigent and infantile! (Infantile meaning idiotic, juvenille, not willing to grow up kinds, not actual infants.)

  • Ok, so I read every day and almost never comment, but a the ex of an avid motorcyclist I gotta say that drywall mud and nail polish isn’t going to cut it… once cracked you have to get a new one. I’m sure you know this, but I like reading your blog so much that I wouldn’t want you to loose your brains and not be able to write anymore.

  • Ok I’m thinking if it CRACKED simply by dropping it on concrete then you needed a new helmet anyway. Imagine what would have happened to it if you’d wrecked and crashed to the asphalt? I love your blog too much to have you all messed up from a scooter accident so by all means, get the to a store and purchase a helmet that’s a little tougher!!!

  • I agree with Sra, it probably shouldn’t have cracked if you just dropped it on the cement.

  • Poor helmet! Moment of silence…

  • Time to start a new pink helmet fund on your website — where can we donate? And this time, you need to get one that doesn’t crack when you drop it – I seriously wonder if that helmet would have protected you in an accident.

  • Sarah, since you are the self-designated klutz, please get yourself a REAL helmet that will protect your head when (not if) you fall. I am sure it won’t be f***ing pink, either!

  • I agree with those who said cracking when dropped does not bode well for scooter crashes. That being said, if you do end up getting a new helmet, I suggest getting one that covers more of your head/face. Not very good for hair styles, but I went with one of my friends recently to get a motorcycle helmet, and when he was deciding between a half helmet and a full helmet (not sure if those are the technical terms…), one of the people in the store said that half helmets are really good for protecting half of your head. I feel like that’s pretty flawless logic.

    Also, quick story — my brother has ridden a scooter exactly one time in his life, and wouldn’t you know it, that’s the time his friend, who was driving, crashed. He wasn’t wearing a helmet, but he didn’t hit the top of his head anyway. He did slam his face into the curb though. Luckily enough, he was fine. He was in a neck brace for a few days, and cut up his face pretty badly. He has a scar now just under his left eye. He told his friends he got in a bar fight with Tito Ortiz. It looks fine because he’s a guy, but I have a feeling that face scars are not as classy on girls…and telling people you got in a fight with Tito Ortiz may not fly either.

    Just saying, even though you may think face-related scooter injuries don’t occur that often, they do happen. And that’s my rant for the evening.

  • Oh noes! not the pink helmet! jeez that cracked pretty easily.. thats kinda scary.. buy a new one, and maybe go for a heavy-duty (whilst still being pink) one this time

    p.s love the new masthead :) I need someone to make one for my site cause at the moment its boring as =o(

  • loving midge’s new masthead luv! teeheehee

  • Just agreeing with everyone saying that you definitely need a new helmet! After my accident I had the SMALLEST dent in my helmet where my head hit something (car? ground? scooter? I’m not even sure) and EVERYONE said – it’s trash now. Apparently one dent damages the integrity of those things.
    Also… make sure your helmet is DOT certified, those are the only kinds that will actually protect you in case of an accident. And, there are modular types that go from full face to half face… those are the coolest.
    When you find a cool one, please let us know! I’m still searching myself! :)
    Good luck!

  • I think you should keep the helmet on during class as well.

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