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Lazy is Out, Thin is In

I decided to register for the Utah Clear the Air Challenge. The idea is to drive less and drive smarter. Fantastic because guess who hates to drive? Yup. Like I always say, “I don’t drive, I’m driven.”

This challenge is perfect for me right now because my car has been acting like a little bitch lately. First demanding a new water pump and now insisting on new spark plug wires. Also my jeans have been a little too tight lately and I could definitely stand to lose a few pounds. Walking two miles to work a couple times a week is just the thing I need.

I care about the air quality, but even more I care about being fat. It’s so on. Who’s in?


  • It was really a nice feeling the few mornings I’ve walked downtown to pick up my car after a night of drinking. I so wish I didn’t need my car to do my job.

  • I’m in! I’m reinstating my “No Drive Sundays” Well, except for this Sunday but I’m definitely walking more. My fat ass thanks me.

  • Ian convinced me that I needed to buy new spark plug wires for my car, and that of course he’d change them for me. $45 and 2 years later, they are still in my trunk, he hasn’t gotten around to changing them, and my car has yet to explode.

  • I’m i…except I can’t help keep Utah air clean. I’ll do my best in SD.

  • I’m in! On not being fat. I can’t really stop driving to work everyday but I’ve started taking the stairs where ever I go. That helps the air right?

  • i’m in… I have not driven a car in 3 weeks! I can handle this! I liked walking to school with you anyways

  • If I say I’m going green, well you know what I mean.

  • I’m in! But sadly, it’s 10 miles to work, so walking is kind of out. My bike got stolen out of my garage a while back, and I haven’t been able to replace it. Mostly because I won’t buy a cheap-o Wal-Mart bike. But, I’m going to start walking to the grocery when I can and seeing how inventive I can get with driving.

  • Oooooh, no weekend post. Someone had a busy one, eh?? Looking forward to Mondays post! ^_^

  • If only I didn’t work over 20 miles from my home. But just for you, the next time I need to get groceries, I’m taking Lauren’s wagon and walking there instead of driving!! That’s good enough, right?

  • I’ve been staring at the flat tires on my bike for weeks now. I’ll get her out & duded up this weekend and ride to work one day next week. Lucky me, that last quarter mile to home is up a steep hill. That’ll make for a great ride home. Blech.

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