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Livin' on the Edge

I don’t have the best eating habits. This we reinforced over the weekend by Alaska Pat, my soon-to-be personal trainer. It’s not that I don’t eat healthy, because typically I do, it’s that I don’t eat regular meals. I blame my schedule, but truthfully it just seems like a hassle more often than not. Which is why Wheat Chex and vanilla soy milk were invented… to sustain me.

This morning in an attempt to eat at least three meals a day, I had a cup of coffee with soy milk. Soy milk counts as a real meal, right? Then, as I ran out the door, I grabbed one of my Dannon Light & Fit-Carb & Sugar Control Smoothies to drink for lunch. Since I’m not in the office very many hours as is, I rarely take a lunch.

Just now, as I was about to drink said smoothie, I noticed the expiration date was Nov 14. In my quest for good health, I choose to ignore the fact and drink it anyway. Now, I’m just sitting around waiting to die wondering how important forcing yourself to eat really is.


  • Good news! Some dairy products (particularly yogurt, cottage cheese, and sour cream)are okay for a week after the “Sell By” date as long as they are unopened. So you aren’t going to die, which I appreciate.

  • Hmmm. I had the same scenario occur this past week. It was un-refrigerated salsa. I chose to eat it anyway…and did not die.

  • So um, I actually have that smoothie for my breakfast and never pay attention to the expiration date.

    Until today.. dang just shy of a week after the ‘Sell By’. Thanks to this post and rockandcookies, I know I won’t die now. :)

    Time to clean out the fridge then.

  • The other morning I was running late for work, as per usual, and didn’t have time to eat breakfast. So I poured some egg beaters into a tupperware with the intension of microwaving them into fluffy goodness 15 minutes later, when I got to my office. And then my tire blew. So then I waited for my friend Chris to come help me change it. Then I went to Goodyear to get a new one. Then I got to work and finally microwaved the egg starts, almost four hours after taking them out of the fridge at home. I ate them and lived to tell this story. Expiration dates and room temperature fears are for pussies.

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