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Living the Golden Rule

My niece, Hannah, sent me the sweetest picture in the mail, which is proudly displayed on my refrigerator.


There’s only one small thing I find worrisome. Do you see that question mark?

You are nice?

Hannah questions my niceness. I can’t really blame her. I tease the little girl about things like drinking urine. I don’t want her to grow up thinking I don’t love her. I do love her. Lots. Enough that I’d rather spend money on taking her to Starbucks, not taking her to therapy.

That said, I’ve decided it might be time to start teasing her less and concentrating on being nicer to her, which may have something to do with the fact the kid gives the best damn Christmas presents ever.


  • That is the cutest picture EVER! It’s like the classic child picture. Even if it was given to a questionable nice Aunt.

  • I like the ? after “I love you” too… Ah kids. :)

  • Maybe she didn’t mean nice in a questionable format, maybe it was more so “I’m not sure if I should add this” question mark?
    Very cute! I adore my niece and nephew too :)

  • Today was their kindergarten end-of-year program. Hannah was up by 7:15 to get ready. I went into her room and she was putting makeup on. I asked what she’s doing and her reply was “why do you need to know?”..as she proceeded to apply more makeup. I walked out not knowing what had just happened. LOVE HER!

  • Probably in response to our trip to Ephraim. Remember she had to say to Aunt Sarah, “that isn’t appropriate to say.” I think she has your number.

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