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Making Even Holidays Dirty

My family ditched me for Thanksgiving, and left me with the responsibility of finding Ben a suitable place to spend the holiday. My mom took his threat to eat at Village Inn seriously, which is rather silly because it’s much easier to order Chinese food, and Ben is all about easy. (Please note: This is not a sly way of saying he dates sluts, because I have no problem telling him his girlfriends are not good enough for him.)

After much consideration I decided we would be spending Thanksgiving with Mrs. AK, her kids, the Japanese basement dwellers and our Canadian turkey baster. AK will be out of the country for the holiday, which sucks because there goes our designated driver, which makes it a weekend affair. If I’m going to have a Thanksgiving off from the Mormon family I’m going to spend it drinking massive amounts of wine–or course, saving some room for turkey and pie.

Today, Mrs. AK and I were assigning duties when she asked, “What task should I assign Ben? Entertainment?” “No,” I said, “I told him he would be carving the turkey and peeling veggies. He’s really good at skinning things. Which if you think about it is really worrisome.” Mrs. AK said, “Yes, but better than Arlo, who is apparently good at boning the turkey.”

I cannot wait for our dirty Thanksgiving!


  • and by “turkey baster” I mean…..

    yeah, that’s what SHE said. Sorry.


  • Will you play spin the bottle? That was the suggestion of several Italian grad students – all men, in a group of 10 men and 4 women – during an “our parents refuse to pay travel expenses” Thanksgiving during grad school. As you might expect, it wasn’t a math grad program. We then played “Never have I ever…” My spinster aunt would have fainted at the conversation at the dinner table (read: living room floor). The pumpkin chiffon pie I made was delicious, though.

  • I love you and your blog!

  • Sarah…

    Forget trying to cook the Bird & Veggies… Tuscany is cooking on Thanksgiving. Good Food, Great Atmosphere.

    Besides, with no dishwahser in the “APT”,,makes the mess easier to deal with.

    Good luck with Ben and the “BIRD”

  • hope you guys have fun – and you don’t really need a designated driver – because you are at home at our place.

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