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Mama Daisy

Yesterday I came home from work to find Daisy had a very busy day.

My bedroom floor went from one giant, organized pile of clothing to clothes strewn everywhere. I’ve found when I’m too busy to walk her she naps all day on my clothing. Sounds cute in theory, but a little creepy when you find your bras and panties on the dog bed intertwined with a soggy dog bone.

Apparently when she was done ruining my life she decided to play mama:

Of course it wasn’t intentional, she’s maim anything that got in the way of her food bowl.  She gets pretty rambunctious when she plays with her stuffed animals, which must have resulted in the above.  I laughed and then took the little bitch for a walk–where I lectured her on the importance of not napping with my underwear.


  • Poor little leopard is hungry!

    Ok I’ll tell you this only so you feel better about Daisy rolling around in your bras and panties. If I don’t make sure my undies are in the hamper, my dog eats the cotton crotches out of them. He also doesn’t seem to care whether they are clean or dirty (for those disgusting gutter minds out there). So you can’t even put your laundry on the couch to fold and leave for a second to pee. Otherwise, he’s under the couch with a pair of panties.

    The only solution I can see, besides making sure they are out of his reach, is to go with crotchless panties. I’m not really ready for that yet!

    As I said earlier, love your new masthead!

  • My dogs love panties, too… Bras, not so much (which is good, because they are SO MUCH MORE expensive!) Whenever I have company over, I have to scan the living room because the dogs have been known to stuff panties behind the cushions of the couch. I haven’t had a guest find a pair yet, but I know it’s just a matter of time.

  • I have a cat. No panty worries.

    Wondering though.. if Daisy likes your panties, does it mean she’s gay?

  • Here is a funny story for you. Aurora (my cat) once stepped on my laptop and started iTunes playing while I was gone at work. I came home, opened the door and this really creepy sappy love song was playing. Needless to say, I went through my apartment with a kitchen knife to make sure no creepy stalker x-boyfriend was lurking around. Nearly gave myself a heart attack!

    I have another funny story, but it is not internet appropriate (whatever that means!).

  • oh my god. that is awesome.
    my dog loves running off with my bras and curling up in them.

  • My dearest Sarah!

    Ah, the beating of my heart resounds loudly in the poor shell of my chest. To be reunited at last, to see this blog which has been my home, to read words typed by your very self! Tis an untold blessing, and a thick cloud of joy fills my lungs 🙂

    I must apologize for my lack of posting. I fear I have been on a rather grave journey, which has been far too detailed to explain on these walls. I invite you and any others to read it thusly, as I begin to recount it on my own web log! I had meant to wait till tomorrow morn to comment, but I could no longer restrain the urge to speak with my Bellum and her Daisy once more.

    With warmest regards and salty concerns,
    Your love,
    Trollpop Janglesteins

  • so, i’m thinking about adopting a blind toy poodle. i think this means that we will have to be friends on a more regular basis, you with the one eyed pug and me with the blind toy poodle. perhaps they have meetings we can attend.

  • So uh Sarah…perhaps you should disregard part of my email from yesterday! All I can say is @@.


  • Too funny. Growing up I had a dog that did similar things with dog bones. She would bury them in my underwear(where ever they were) I moved to Europe and when I unpacked, sure enough there was a dogbone !!!! It certainly became a long standing joke part of which continues today…24 years later!

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