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Math Hell

Last night in math class I noticed the guy in front of me had brought his LDS scriptures to class.  At first I scoffed at him.  In my mind I’m like hey dumb ass, math is difficult but God can’t help you with this shit.

Towards the end of the class period I realized out of the fifteen students he was the one that understood the theories, AND HE WASN’T EVEN WRITING ANYTHING DOWN.  Do you understand how many notes I take in a class and still don’t have any idea what’s going on?  A lot, that’s how many.

Obviously I need to buy some good luck scriptures and carry them to math class with me.  Does anyone know if they make glitter pink, strawberry scented ones?  If that doesn’t work I’m hiring God as a tutor.


  • “If they doesn’t work I’m hiring God as a tutor.”

    Maybe Jesus can help you in your English class, too.

    (sorry…sorry. I know I don’t know you well enough – or AT ALL – to fuck with you about your grammar, but I couldn’t resist.)

  • Thanks for pointing that out Karen. I’m home sick and wrote the post in a hurry so I could go back to bed. Do not blog and puke. Lesson learned.

  • Math sucks big ass. The last bit of math I took was managerial accounting and that just about made killed off more brain cells than smoking pot from the effort it took to comprehend it.

  • You don’t need god. You need me. And you need to move to SD so you have a built-in math tutor. It’ll be easy. you can just cruise back to Utah twice a week for math class. Problem solved.

  • Wishing I was home, in bed and heavily medicated. Instead I’m at work dealing with computer issues and then I read you’re home, sick and pants free, I really hate you and jealousy!

  • I was going to say “Hire Kel”
    then I saw her post..

    so yeah, what she said. ha ha ha!

  • Alright, I stumbled you, one down:)

    I an offer you no further assistance with this matter, as I operate on a 3rd grade level with mathematics. If you need a tutor on, say making grain alcohol in your bathtub, I am your girl.

  • take it from me, god is not a very good tutor. Easily distracted and all too self important. Adderall is the way to go.

  • C’s get degrees. Just sit real close to him come exam time.

  • No need to buy scriptures when RLO has a direct line to Jesus. Just ask him to put in a good word and you are set!

  • As a math teacher who thinks she’s cool enough to read this blog, maybe we could work something out. I know it’s kinda sick, but I like the stuff….

    And I think rewards of wine and cookies are totally appropriate (for the over 21 crowd!)

  • All I have to say is I HATE MATH!!!
    But I do think Kel has the right idea with you moving to SD and you would have your very own personal math tutor! Win win!

  • sorry to hear ur not well. I didn’t even pick up on the typo LOL. Maybe that guy in class decided that he was clearly going to fail, and decided to turn to god? Me personally would turn to something else….hard liquor, for example!! I think one could get into trouble bringing that to class though =o)

    Hope u feel better soon. I’m sure daisy cuddles will help!!!

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