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Missing Eye, Missing Puggy

Cutting Daisy dog’s nails is a constant battle–one that I continually lose.

Last night, in a brave move, I picked up the nail clippers and called her name. She took one look at me and ran. By the time I put the clippers down she was long gone. My apartment isn’t very large so it should only take a few minutes to find her, NOT FORTY FIVE MINUTES! I looked in all her usual hiding spots but nothing.

Knowing there was no way she could get outside I decided to get some reading done and she’d surface soon enough. I sat down on the couch and went to grab my blanket to snuggle up and found this:

Daisy Dog

She looked so cute I not only skipped clipping her disgustingly long nails, but I let her have the blanket.


  • Maybe you could just paint them red and be done with it.

    That is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Holy crap, her claws are huge!

  • Those are some serious nails girl!

    Share your wine with her. That will mellow her out.

  • I’m not affiliated with this product and have no idea if it works, but I find myself constantly fast-forwarding through the ad on my DVR: http://www.peticure.com/

  • Our pug is the same way. My husband has to hold her so she doesn’t bite me in the process. And fast growing nails is a lovely pug trait. In the last year though she’s taken to biting her own nails as a defense mechanism. I’m not even kidding. It’s so weird. Also nice though because I don’t have to clip them.

  • Sounds like this is a job for a professional dog groomer. That’s what I’d do anyway.

  • She has totally got you wrapped around her little puggy paw!

  • i’m desperately wanting to adopt a dog. this picture just makes me jealous!

  • we are getting a dog when we get back to the states this fall. a pug is on the top of the list. that has to be the cutest picture i have ever seen!

  • I have something like that peticure, but it’s actually a rotary tool. From a hardware store that I also use when doing wood projects.

  • That totally makes me wish I was a dog.

  • I can go into another room, get the dog nail clippers, slip them in my back pocket (completely obscuring them) and walk in the room with the dog and he IMMEDIATELY lowers his head and slinks under the couch. He knows. It’s like fear they smell it. It always amazes me how intuitive the little boogers are! Oh and God forbid you take a dog collar off at our house. They know that only bad things happen when the collar is removed (baths, emergency vet care, flea stuff). Yep, take off ones collar and the other one hides.

    Very cute picture. Almost like “where’s waldo”!


  • fucking cute

  • Dang, she’s a little ninja!

  • I always wound up taking my dogs to the vet – that way the deed was not associated with me in any way – I know I am a wimp!

  • How about the Peticure – the autofile – no more clippings?

  • Todd & Julienshap,
    I’d never heard of the peticure. I’m getting it ASAP. I thank you and Daisy certainly thanks you! I’m also thinking of lending it to my brother’s girlfriend Kiesha. I’ve seen his disgusting toenails. She’s going to need it.

  • I have the pug vs. nail clipper fist fight myself, and I have one trick that gets the job done, in a somewhat un-bloody fashion.

    I wrap him up in a blanket, like a baby, swaddle him if you will, real tight, then I pull one arm out, and put all my weight on the rest of him in the blanket, so…he really can’t move too much or throw pug punches.

    I then rewrap that paw back in, pull out another, and so on.

    I call it the pug death swaddle

  • It is a bitch trying to keep the dogs nails trimmed. It’s not so bad with my two Boston Terriers, but the Chihuahua’s nails are really long, thick and hard to deal with. What we have been using for several years is a grinder (Dremel). Like what they use at the nail salon. You can buy them at Sears in the hardware section. They also get a treat after every paw so that helps with the anxiety. You have to make sure you aren’t staying in one spot to long because it will get hot, but what I like about grinding is no sharp edges when you are done and you can also get closer to the quick. Good luck! BTW she does look adorable in that pic! I also have a one eyed dog and he is my love.

  • What a cutie! For our dog, we just run him hard on an asphalt road every night; that pretty much takes care of it. Those suggestions before mine look pretty cool, though, too!

  • Those nails would look fabulous in pink softpaws!

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