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Mornings are her Crack

Each morning as I wake up and get out of bed this is what I find:

Apparently her spins are far more fun than human spins, proving pugs are much better drunks.


  • Love it! You can almost hear her saying “Mama’s awake! Mama’s awake!” I especially loved the part where she stopped mid-spin to take care of a little itch, proving that as much as she digs you, Daisy takes care of Daisy first. You have to admire that.

    If she ever wants a boyfriend, my Sam can match her in enthusiasm. Actually, never mind. They’d have ugly babies.

  • Clarification (before the internet freaks out on me for potentially criticizing beautiful Daisy!!!): Because Sam is a Shih Tzu and has a wicked underbite and spiky hair which would NOT look good combined with Daisy’s awesomely fetching face.


  • That’s too funny!

  • Pugs are just better.

    My nephews pug is having puppies. Rock and roll!!

  • I think I can speak for all of us when I say.

    Yowza yowza gimme a piece of that!

    Such grace, such elegant aerodynamic spinnitude. Ah, how doth she remind me of her mother. Constantly chasing frivolous pursuits while others so love to watch on the internets! I pray that one day, Miss Daisy will catch her behind, and it will be all that she has ever imagined and then more! 🙂

  • Daisy is way more of a morning dog than my Max and Lulu. They don’t get that excited about anything until after noon- and that inculdes our morning walk.

  • Do dogs get dizzy?

  • Cute little thing……..

  • Soooo, your saying the everyone does NOT do that every morning?

    Umm, I don’t either. (looking around sheepishly)

  • One of the many reasons dogs are better than cats.

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