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Moving Out

For the past four years I’ve lived in a cute little apartment in the down town area. As much as I’ve loved having a bedroom loft it’s time to let go. I’ve decided to move in with my brother, Ben, in an effort to save some money. I want to buy my own place soon, and I can’t do that without first saving some money.

I should have bought years ago, but in the back of my mind I always assumed I’d get married and we’d buy a house together. I’m now disgusted with myself for waiting. I am independent enough I can do this alone. I hope…

Ben and I lived together a few years ago and the entertainment value was priceless. If you do a quick search for “Ben” on this site, you’ll see why. The kid has a strange fixation with banjos–read here and here. Living alone has been a tad lonely lately, and truthfully I’m excited to have someone human around to talk to–especially since Ben is so weird and always makes me laugh. Read here and here if you don’t believe me.

Ben made me promise I wouldn’t try and run his life, or call him Benjaminoballbaby in front of his friends. I happily agreed because calling him Ben-jina in public is much funnier. For being a straight guy, he sure hates hearing the word vagina.


  • Good luck with the move and your plans all around!

    Looks up the Ben stuff you linked too. Funny about the banjo!

    When I was growing up I always wanted to play a flute. My dad wanted me to play something they would use on Hee Haw or at The Grand Old Opry.. well watching those shows I said “Ok, the violin.”

    He bought me a banjo.

    I never did use it.

    IF I still had it, I coulda sent it to Ben. ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Its a great move – looking forward to more funny Ben stories!

  • I’m going to have to start bringing Pita over for pug dates.

  • It’s great to save money by sharing rent. But just in case you want to rethink the myth that buying is superior to renting, check out this article.

    It’s arguably more worthwhile to rent sometimes.

  • Hmmm. Guess the unmentionables and poems will go by the wayside…He he.

  • Wow! I had no idea – now you’ll be closer to me. Yes? Yayyyyyy!

  • I just moved in with a roommate too. I loved living alone, but it did get lonely at times and was expensive living downtown all alone.

    How good is he at playing the banjo now?

  • Ben sounds hysterical, is he single?

  • I’ll have to second the cautionary tales of actually owning a home. I made the plunge a year ago. And while I don’t entirely regret having made the leap it has been nothing short of a staggeringly exhaustive year long poke in the eye. You can check out some of my home ownership woes at http://www.kgmoore.com/windemere/

  • That is so cute! I hope my brother agrees to live wih me someday… All the best!

    girlwiththemask x

  • The banjo is just such a cheerful instrument. It’s impossible for it to sound depressing.

    SOOOOOOOOOOO excited for lunch on Friday!!! WHEE!

  • Shall help on move-day…well we’ll drink wine while we supervise ak, r-shak and ben load and unload your stuff.

  • Sarah, completely unrelated.. but have you seen this on dooces’ site yet? OH MY GOD. Hilarious


  • living with brothers is fun!

    Sometimes you just can’t convince a boyfriend to do something but brothers are obligated. We shared the same birth canal.. he can change my damn lightblub!

  • oh moving. i’m moving out of a 2-bedroom with my best friend and hopefully into a 1-bedroom by myself. i’m excited about living on my own. so hopefully i won’t get too lonely.

  • I’m thinking about marrying Ben 😉

  • Kate: Too bad you didn’t keep the banjo, it makes great “art.” Ben’s is hanging on his wall.

    AK: It IS a great move, because you’re the one moving me. Oh I didn’t mention that part, did I? Oops.

    Kiesha: Two pugs are always better than one, and way more neurotic!

    SRA: I know, I know… but it will be nice to be able to paint walls after all these years of renting.

    88: Hell to the no. They stay!

    Pants: I swear I mentioned it. Maybe now that I’m closer your parents will feed me dinner again.

    Craig: Read above. Not sure it ever got played, but I did name it his girlfriend because he went home to finger it. Teehehee.

    Abby: Ben is very much taken. Sorry. That’s a lie. I’m not at all sorry, I think his GF rocks.

    Kevin: Let’s not listen. Seriously. Just a little condo, no biggie right

    Maskedgirl: If you’re brother is as entertaining as mine, I hope he does too!!

    Loralee: Me too, me too!

    Lozza: I just watched it. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

    Suzanne: We have the best brothers ever.

    LA: Get a pug. They are so loud you’ll never feel like you’re alone.

    Emily: Wooed by a banjo, eh??

  • Sarah,

    Great site! I’ve wasted most of my afternoon going through your archive. You’re damn funny! Good luck living with the brother. That’s something I don’t think I’d be able to handle. (living with my brother, not yours)

  • I thought the same thing for years, I will buy a house with my future husband, la, la, la…then on encouragement finally bought in the same neighborhood of my now ex-boyfriend!
    Best purchase ever. Though it really sucks living 3 blocks away from the ex.

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