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My Birthday Wish

Dear RLO,

Mark your calendar; my birthday is one month from today.  For my birthday I would like a month long celebration.  And as everyone knows, no celebration is complete without cake.  Your job is cake–a month of cake.

You’re busy with school, I know, so rather than a daily cake just keep me in continuous cake.  I’ll try and eat slow, but no written promises.  Is this really too much to ask of you?  I think not.  You’re already skating on thin ice as it is.  That chocolate you brought into the movie last night was horrible.  And this busy thing?  It’s getting old.  Your roommate only has one birthday per year.  I swear this is the 14th time you’ve had to stay home to celebrate.  I’m onto you RLO.  You do realize you can be replaced, right?

Just yesterday I had lunch with a new friend, Summer, who I met through blogging. I wished all of my female readers lived in SLC so we could get together and have one giant sleepover.  Of course hundreds of woman may result in a giant catfight, or porn.  Either way I could video the event and sell to my male readers, which will pay my tuition.  I’ll consider it a scholarship, ahem.

Out of that many woman there’s got to be a BFF. If I were you, I’d get yourself to the grocery store for baking supplies. If you don’t come through on the cake thing, I’m going to have to find another BFF.  Consider yourself warned.



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