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My Brain, and why Drugs Tasting Like Chocolate Would Change my Life

This week I’ve tried to write several blog posts, both for this site and Aiming Low. That obviously hasn’t happened. I have the hardest time staying focused. I try to write something entertaining, I really do, but instead I sit down and my thoughts are all over the place.

This was my exact thought process when I sat down to write a post last night:

I should write a blog post
Wait, without using a pen or pencil is that still writing
I should type a blog
Oh, I need to clean and display my pink typewriter
I need a new desk
I really need to vacuum my office
I need to empty the garbage
I should start recycling my glass
I need to buy wine
Are my dishes clean
Dishwasher detergent
Target trip
I need my jeans hemmed
I need new jeans
Are skinny jeans here to stay
I should lose some weight
Going to the gym more makes my ass hurt
My ass looks great in Citizens of Humanity
I hope that jackass doesn’t call
I wonder if I could play ‘jackass’ on Words With Friends
I should call my mom back
I need to find stationary for kids by Sunday
I need an updated dictionary
I should buy art to hang on my walls
I don’t like the wall color
The pub

And then I spent twenty minutes watching pug videos on You Tube. Sooo, forgive me for not having anything of value to post?


Then send Ritalin.


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