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My Life is Complete


My new blog list may not be complete yet, but my life goal certainly is!

Finally I get a chance to see New Kids on the Block again. Milinda and I saw them play on BYU campus when we were in eighth grade. We’re going together again, and this time I’ve promised her I won’t wear a lime green stretchy outfit. Thankfully it is at a different venue this time around. I really don’t want us to get caught at BYU with a flask. I’m terrified of the Mormon police punishing me with a lifetime sentence of polygamy. Eek!

Thanks to everyone who left comments and a link on yesterday’s blog. For me, as a blogger, my favorite part of this site is reading your comments. I can’t wait to delve into all the blog links left. It’s a big list so give me a couple of days to read them all. I’ll get a list of all the links together and post it soon. I promise. But, in the meantime, I have to go put NKOTB’s new song “Summertime” on repeat. Not because I’m obsessed, but because it’s awesome.


  • The polygamy shot was a little cheap don’t you think :)

  • I haven’t heard NKOTBs new song yet..

  • is this a band?

  • This reminds me of when I freaked out when the Spice Girls did a reunited tour thing. Back in 2nd grade everyone got to go to their concert, except me (sniffle) so when they reunited I planned to make up for that lost experience.

    But then tickets were $500 a piece, so instead I just watched “Spiceworld” and cried myself to sleep…

  • Knowing Ticketmaster, I’m guessing the tickets were about $15 each, and then all the stupid fees they tack on brought it up to $100+.

  • i didn’t even know nkotb were still together! of course i was a little older when they were popular, but i still loved them! i have their old stuff on my ipod. when my 15 year old was all backstreet boys…ooohhh…and nsync…ahhh….and jonas brothers…swoon…i promptly pulled up the nkotb and made her listen to them. i danced along to the music, and she stared at me. kids these days!

  • I, too, wait with baited breath.

    There WILL be panty tossing.

  • I am so going. I am so going to do Joey Mcintyre too.

    just an fyi

  • Is it sad that I owned a Jordan Knight action figure? Oh grandma…you and your gifts…

  • these people and their comments have me rolling! ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  • I can’t get tickets because I’m supposed to have a baby the week they’re in Detroit :(
    So, I tried winning them and failed :(
    If you could- Throw a hand in the air, and wave it like you just don’t care, Cuz if you’re ready to rock, with the New Kids on The Block, somebody Scream Oh Yeah! -
    for me that would be great… :(

  • I LOVE New Kids on the Block!!! Two days ago, while having a bad day at work, I played the Summertime video over and over on my laptop and went to “my happy place”.

  • I used to LOVE Donnie & my stretchy outfit was black!

  • I loved them back in the day too, but when they made their comeback debut on the Today Show…I was disappointed that they no longer seemed to have The Right Stuff and dh and I made OldFartsOnTheCorner jokes.

    I hope the concert is done well enough to cover for their age. I’m sure you’ll let us know.

  • I will not take the piss out of NKOTB, so instead I will say nothing.



  • I cannot explain in words how ridiculously excited I am to see NKOTB once more!! I am going with my two childhood best friends, both of whom were just as obsessed as the rest of us. Meaning they won’t mind if I overload on the NKOTB accessories – shoelaces, earring, hat, t-shirt. Yea, I’m THAT girl.

  • I’m thinking this is where the 5 year difference in our ages comes in. I was much much much too mature for NKOTB.

    P.S. I just paid $200 for a (uno!) Madonna ticket.

  • I’m jealous. I’d love to see NKOTB. I never got to see them when they were big. Sigh…..sucks to live in a small town.


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