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My brother, Matt, was reading my blog with my nephew Carter last night.  Carter saw the picture of my shoes and was completely disgusted.  He told his dad to leave a message on my blog telling me to clean my house and put my shoes away.

I was pissed.

My nephew, at four, is at good at cleaning his room as I am.  Which means we are both waiting for someone else to do it.   Fortunately he has a parent to clean up his room; I have no one.  And until Daisy grows some opposable thumbs I’ll leave it messy.

I called to tell the little pisser where he could shove my shoes, but somehow ended up promising him a trip to the dinosaur museum instead.  That nephew of mine has me wrapped around his little finger.  I’ll stick to my promise and take him, but if my shoes get tossed at his head next time I see him I can’t be held responsible.


  • Haha…a four year old could not possibly grasp the effort it takes to pick up ones room. I am 27 and still don’t quite get it. The only reason I even pick up my dirty underwear is so my pug doesn’t eat it or parade it out in front of company. Lesson learned.

  • I think your nephew was diverting the attention to your shoes, so as to keep his parents from getting on his case about his room being dirty.

    ha ha ha.

  • Gotta love the kids… or do we?

    My daughter is 2.5 going on 25 and tells me how boring I am, and how messy I am, as she steps over her crap on the floor….

    The funny thing is, it is my partner who is messy… it is genetic!

  • Those kids are much more manipulative than they at first appear to be! What a clever guy to get a trip to the dinosaur museum out of the deal…

  • yeah, little kids are so clever i think they should be running the country.
    oh wait.
    my three year old manipulator, er, son could rule the world.
    and space. those martians better watch out. one messy space shuttle is comin’ your way.

  • If you ever find someone to pick up your shit for you, would you mind sending him (yes, HIM) over here after to pick up mine too?

  • Perfectly reasonably if you ask me,

  • You should send him a picture of your kitchen sink.

  • Next time your nephew messes with you, just play him some of that Ralph’s World stuff.

  • Daisy is awesome and should not grow thumbs! She is adorable just the way she is. So suck it up Sarah – you make me laugh:0)

  • I have been to that dinosaur museum with my nephew. Can’t say I ever want to go back. But what else is there to do with the Mormon relatives in Utah? :)

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