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My Own Version of Hell

My friend Kelli is a sneaky little bitch, which is exactly why I adore her.  Being the horrible, anti-social blogger that I am, I never fill out those survey things.  Even when tagged by someone as lovely as a Summer day. Kelli took it upon herself to force my hand into taking part, though technically I still didn’t post a meme or fill one out for myself.  I’m only telling you about it, because Kelli threatened me.  AND, because I’m too busy working on homework today to write a proper post.


  • Dear Sarah,
    I used to think of the Gilmore Girls as a guilty pleasure..because no one would understand when I would quote lines from the show. But now I will proudly claim my love of all things Starshollow because the best blogger on the internet can quote the Gilmores as well.

  • McKenzie,
    Thanks for clearing up the Star’s Hollow mystery for me. I had no fucking clue what Sarah was referring to in her tweet.

  • You make Hell sound so fun!

  • I have actually been to Stars Hallow….and it made me sad when they tore it down :(

    Now it is the Ghost Whisperer Town.

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