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Nada Huh?

Last Thursday RLO and I went to the Twilight Concert Series.  Thankfully, the last couple of concerts have been much better than the overcrowded first one.

Since Thursday night is kickball night I haven’t been able to see many of my friends there.  Silly Hannah and Chelsea for picking kickball madness over drunken debauchery in a public venue.  I love my girls, but obviously they are insane.  I’ll have to change their minds over cupcakes soon.

Five minutes into the set RLO and I decided Nada Surf is the love child of Modest Mouse and Primus with a mad case of fetal alcohol syndrome.  Maybe it’s being old, or maybe it’s missing my girlfriends, whatever the case I needed some nourishment that didn’t come in the form of fermented grapes in a plastic cup, so we left before seeing the next band in lieu of dinner at Red Rock.

Next week, however, I’m staying the entire night even if I have to take a cot and nap between set!


Thanks to RockandCookies and Theorris for pointing out that we did not in fact see Nada Surf, but the opening band.  I already forgot the name and I just barely read the comments, because I’m too busy feeling bad I didn’t see Little Bit again.  Didn’t think it sounded right but went ahead and believed the website to be correct.  Gallivan FAILS!


  • Nada Surf, plastic cup wine, public debauchery…only an idiot would pass that up…unles it was for runny eggs and bacon. I loooovvveeee runny eggs and bacon.

  • Actually Nada Surf was the second band. I think you witnessed Jim Fite, who is, indeed, a love child of the type you mention. I talked to him while he was wandering the crowd after his set. He gives Ausberger syndrome a new definition.

  • Being attractive is the most important thing there is
    If you wanna catch the biggest fish in your pond
    You have to be as attractive as possible
    Make sure to keep your hair spotless and clean
    Wash it at least every two weeks
    Once every two weeks
    And if you see Johnny football hero in the hall
    Tell him he played a great game
    Tell him you like his article in the newspaper

    Nada Surf never was able to come up with anything as good after they did Popular.

  • Nada Surf is a great band. Tim Fite was the wacko in the suspenders.

    A little while after we ran into you, my offspring declared her boredom and I told her she could go wherever she wanted to wander to, and that we would follow her. She wound her way all the way around the Gallivan Center until she came to the spot where you had been, and stood there looking around like she was lost or confused. I asked if she was trying to find you and she told me that she was. Sitting next to you would have been WAY less boring than sitting next to me, obviously!

  • Silly, silly dear, mixing up your Nadas and Aus Burger Combos! These mistakes would bother a lesser janglestein than myself, but fortunately for you, they only serve to make you that much more endearing!

    And posting twice in one day? My speckled warts, honey, you are a feisty crocodile indeed!

  • I’m clueless.

    But that food in your daily photo -looks yummy! I think I’ll go cook now!

  • Weird, my friends go to these concerts…

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