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Naughty Night

I did something very naughty on Saturday night. No, that that. Perverts. Though I wish! Let’s just say my bed has seen busier times.

Saturday night was BFF night at the AK’s house. Which means Mrs. AK and I boss Rlo around in the kitchen while drinking wine. It’s very fun. For us, at least.

The recipe Rlo was cooking with was in his email, so his computer was sitting on the counter. UNATTENDED! I’d be crazy not to take advantage, so I did. I logged onto his Facebook account and left our mutual friend Sabby a message. Not just any message but a naughty one. The best kind! Which I thought was very funny until he reminded me his mom was on Facebook.

It was then something very unusual happened. My belly had a weird feeling and my heart felt funny. At first I thought I was having a heart attack, but after I wiggled my left arm and it felt normal I knew that couldn’t be it. I then realized what the unexplainable feeling was. I was feeling remorse. Me. Remorse. Over my own actions!

It didn’t end there.

Rlo didn’t talk to me for an entire day afterwards. So that icky belly feeling lasted two whole days. The longest two days of my entire life. I almost vowed to never again do something like that again to Rlo. This morning when we finally spoke and he told me he wasn’t still mad, I was really, really thankful for that “almost” part.

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