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Needles I Can Deal With

Needles make me queasy. I detest shots and giving blood is completely out of the question. That’s what the rest of you suckers are for. I’ll buy my own juice and cookies, thanks. I don’t need to see a blood bag hanging off my body. EW!

But, Botox?

Botox is totally worth shoving needles in my forehead. Don’t fret; I’m not the one shoving the needles into my head. My girl Laurie over at the Mountain Medical Medispa does that for me.

I tried Botox once last summer and ended up with a bruised forehead, but under the bruises it was so pretty and smooth. This time I decided to try a different clinic. After the kick ass microdermabrasion I decided to see if they could make me pretty. I was VERY pleased with results. There wasn’t a single bruise! I nearly kissed Laurie on the mouth I was so happy. And she didn’t just send me on my way, THEY FOLLOWED UP! I was thrilled with their customer service. I’m a sucker for someone who pampers me and pays attention to my every question, which they totally did.

I’m loving the Botox results. So much that I want to share, so my plan is to finish school, find an amazing job that pays me a million dollars a day to write and then I’m throwing a Botox party for my nearest and dearest friends, plus strangers on the Internet.

ATTENTION: DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH WAITING FOR THAT TO HAPPEN. The last thing I need is someone’s family suing me for killing their loved one.

If you’re interested in attending a Botox party before my rich and famous plan comes into play the spa is having their own Botox parties in Ogden and Salt Lake. I read on their flyer that they are serving snacks and doing free manicures. I’m a sucker for free food. I hope they have Girl Scout Cookies and vodka tonics. Just in case they don’t will you stick a flask in your purse for me? Oh, and can you drive me to and from Ogden while you’re at it? Awesome, thanks!


  • I want to know more. How much does it hurt? You can still move your face in all the appropriate ways?

  • I love considering myself a needle badass. I’ll unflinchingly take almost any shot, anywhere, anytime. But none has ever come near my face. Bravery in Ogden!

  • OMG. I want to try Botox so bad. I doubt they would do it on a pregnant woman, but I have some serious canyons going on in my forehead. And Ogden is NOT THAT FAR!!!

  • How often do they have the parties? I want to go to one.

  • Can we see some before and after shots?

  • I would to see a photo.

  • Suzanne and Jeni:
    Just as soon as this cut on my face heals I’ll post some pictures. Note to self: never sleep in the same bed as a dog with freshly cut nails. Those bastards are sharp!

  • Will you please give away botox next? PLEEEEEEAAAASSSSEE?

  • I think that Ogden really is that far. Bah!

  • What’s up with America and botox? You may look good now, but I doubt you’ll be happy in ten years when your face looks like a melted plastic bag. and again! I should learn my lesson about eating and reading your website. I don’t know why those two things always happen at the same time. At least you’re happy. + self esteem is worth everything, so you go girl.. I think.

  • I just couldn’t resist the urge to say that maybe Bex shouldn’t read this website at all if it upsets her stomach so much! I also want to know how much it costs, cos I looked into it once (for medical reasons, as it happens), but it was WAY expensive over here.

  • Ugh, I hate needles, too! I have to warn phlebotomists before they stick me. I put up with so many other pains (including my current BAD hair) in the aim of being beautiful, I don’t know if I could handle that one though. Unless they put me out, first….

  • Ahhh Nicola. You failed to hear the love in my voice over top of my gag reflex. This website is like a roller coaster. You know, the kind of sick that is really fun and tastes like candyfloss? I can handle needles pretty well, unless they’re inserting/extracting something. I had a nightmare the other night that I swallowed a needle, and thus while reading about needles and eating. It freaked me out.

  • Girl, you are to young to be getting botox! Seriously!
    You look good. I wouldn’t start messing with that.

  • Like the Botox & Vodka Tonic idea, but could we do Gin & Tonics too. My life has been empty since we weren’t allowed to bring wine to the book club parties at P.s house- oh wait, that was when I was kicked out!

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