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Nerds Must Die

One of my favorite things about my job is the people I work with. My agency employs a lot of talented and entertaining people.

Oh, and nerds.

I can’t forget my nerds. How could I? Eating lunch with them is the best part of my day–except today. Today’s lunch was horrible.

Today is the day a nerd spit into my eyeball, you read correctly MY FREAKING EYE BALL! The nerds were discussing their love of HGTV when someone made a joke about the odd choice in television channels. I turned to see what was so funny at the exact same moment one of the nerds couldn’t contain his laughter and spit out a mouthful of juice into my face.

I started freaking out and yelled, “There is human spit in my eye!”

One of the non-spitting nerds looked at us accusingly and said, “This is why we can’t all eat together. PEOPLE GET HURT!”

I wasn’t actually hurt, but I’m worried I may catch a strain of super nerd. If I start dreaming of PHP, Linux or Apache I’ll know who to blame and then immediately murder.


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