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Nerds on the Loose

First there was this, and now this: nerds are dumb I really need to learn to lock my computer when I leave the office. And, apparently, teach the nerds how to spell the word dumb.


  • Haha, my brother in law works for apple. He locks his computer with a set up that will take a photo with his webcam, of anyone trying to get into his computer. Handy handy!! Nerds are so fun.

  • Sigh, my co-workers at my previous my job were total pranksters. You wouldn’t dare walk away from your computer w/o locking it.

    On his last day, one of the guys got onto another guy’s computer and set it up so every time he typed the word ‘the’ it came out spelled ‘hte’. It was hysterical. Poor guy didn’t figure it out for weeks.

  • So he essentially just called himself a pig right?

  • Please tell me that the misspelling was intentional?

  • i find the spelling error really funny for some reason – cuz it’s so bloody dumb

  • Ooooo, I thought that said “Pugs”. I thought you loved pugs…like my sister does, and this guy was calling something you love “dum”…do you love pigs? Anyway, turns out I like you. I don’t know you, but I’m adding you to my blogroll. Get over it.

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