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I wanted to be reminded of the insanity a lifetime of loneliness can cause, so RLO and I went to see Harold and Maude play at the Gallivan Center last night, as part of the Sundance Outdoor Film Festival.

Seeing one of my favorite cult classic movies play outdoors on 35 mm film is the perfect way to spend a summer evening.  RLO, however, would disagree.  Which may have something to do with the older woman next to him farting very loudly.  He sure can’t seem to escape gassy people and gassy dogs lately.

We took the scooter so I could practice driving with a passenger.  I’ve mastered riding alone, but have a little trouble still with someone on the back.  Usually I just make RLO drive me around town, but he’s finally decided it’s time I learn.  Really I think he’s just lazy—add that to the list of reasons to hate him.

On the drive back from the movie RLO said, “I’m riding bitch on a pink scooter, holding a pink blanket.  Now all I need is a box of tampons and I’ll be the textbook definition of neutered.”

I laughed, but had to stop and think, which looks worse: RLO riding bitch on a pink scooter, or RLO driving a pink scooter.

Internet, what do you think?!


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