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No Camping Allowed

My love of books dates back to childhood where I spent a good chunk of my childhood either at the city library, or the county bookmobile. Man I miss the smell of that old bus full of books. Bookmobile night was the highlight of my week.

Each time I visit the country I find myself driving to the library. Old habits die hard I suppose. On this last trip I noticed something new:

A ‘NO CAMPING’ sign at the city library! Every sign is posted for a reason, so I can’t help but wonder who was camping out at the library. I’m hoping it was some semi-nerdy little blond girl who wanted first dibs on new books. Because THAT, that would be fucking adorable.


  • oh sarah! i think we might be twins. well fraternal since i have brown hair and all. i loved the bookmobile! ours only came every other week and i counted down the days!

    little blond (or brown) haired semi-nerdy girls rock!

    and i would totally camp at the library if it weren’t for that sign!

  • My mother has just confirmed that there is, indeed, a need for that sign. And, sadly, it’s not because people wanted books. It’s because the library, you know, located in the heart of the town, looks a little too much like nature.

  • Well, if it’s anything like the Salt Lake Library (aka bum city), I can see why they might need to post such notices.

    Wait, I’ve been to Delta! I ate at a greasy spoon there on the way to Cedar City once. Kind of cute for a small town in the middle of nowhere.

  • I feel a little ripped off to be honest. I have no childhood memories of a Bookmobile! What, they were too good to come into the “big city”? Seriously.

  • I thought of you today when I drove past the turn-off to your country home.

  • this reminds me of the sign on the edge of the cliff at flaming gorge:

    Do not stand on this side of fence.

    Um… i don’t need a sign to tell me not to jump over a fence that only has a cliff on the other side of it. Clearly someone does.

  • Someones got a fetish! -taunts- Sarah likes nerdy blonde girls! Sarah likes nerdy blonde girls!! … wait, hang on…. Sarah… likes herSELF!!! I see through your fetish and realise your abundant egotism!!! Nawww… you should like yourself. You’re totally likeable. Lol, I take 5 minutes out of every day to come read your sentences, so there’s gotta be something good goin on there. ;)

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