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NOT a Cougar

I can’t decide to laugh about this, or eat a container of ice cream and cry. A cougar? Seriously, George? Our imaginary cuddle affair is over!

Rest assured little Georgie, if I get married due to your post you can skim 10% off the wedding gifts and money. But stay away from my bridesmaids!


  • You make me laugh.

  • Official cougar-dom doesn’t start until you hit 40.

  • You mean she’s not over 40?

  • You have no idea who I am, but let me just say that you have no worries about being a cougar…yet. Of course being 32 and in the center of Mormon-dom…doesn’t bode well. The odds are stacked against you. But there is always hope…right?

  • So glad George linked you, I think you’re funny. I added you to my RSS feed. You’re not close to being a cougar and if I wasn’t straight, I’d be all over you.

  • Love the veryGEORGE! That guy knows how to make us laugh. Glad to see through the edits and comments you’ve come to an agreement on gifts and virgins. Sounds fair. Who’s Maddie?

    Since George is funny and the cougar is undoubtedly a joke I don’t need to comment that you’re nowhere near a cougar. Wait I just did comment. Heh.

  • Damn! Why just I always live in the wrong state for beautiful, funny, talented women. Thanks a lot George for pointing me in the direction of yet another woman out of my proximity.

    Sarah, you are correct. Definitely NOT a cougar, but a hottie at just the right age.

  • You should just embrace the fact that you are a cougar! ;)

  • Ha! 32 is still practically a child!! Definitely go for the ice cream, but not the cry.

    Ancient woman of 38,

  • tasty, when you hit ANCIENT… i will get to smack you with a 2×4.

    not there.. or there, so much. BUT RIGHT THERE.

    and i’m 32 as well and GEORGE! calls me a Cougah too.

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