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Not My Weekend

Sadly this picture in no way represents my weekend.  I gave up soda, and sex gave up me.  I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw these abandoned in the isle of a 7-11.  Of course that was right after I sad sat down in the isle and cried because I was so jealous.


  • Ah dear friend, we are in, metaphorically, the same boat. I have given up Diet Sodas and Condoms. Tis only real sugar and unrubbered skin for me! Jealousy fills my veins >:-O

  • How Freudian that you “sad” down instead of sitting down.

    Deep man. Very deep.

  • Makes you wonder why such necessary items were, in the end, abandoned in that aisle. I think it must have been a terribly handsome man who was headed to see his entitled and completely ungrateful lover. He planned to lure her into his bed with an icy cold tumbler of her favorite diet soda. But then suddenly, she called him on his cell phone and began to berate him for his supposed insensitivity and lack of apparent affection for her, and then in a huff, she broke up with him and told him to never call her again. Sarah, that man is out there, he’s alone, and HE’S WELL ENDOWED! Get crackin’ sister and find him!!

    Also, he’s obviously very interested in his partner’s experience because he was purchasing the “Thin” condoms. Seriously, don’t let this guy go!!

  • That reminds me of all my weekends from age 17-22. I would go into my local 7-11, where I was well known by the staff, and pick up a 12 pack of keystone light, a box of condoms and a pack of marlboro lights. Those were some fun weekends. Now I stop off at the store to get a gallon of milk and an onion for the casserole I will be making when I get home.

  • Dear Sarah,
    I’m going to need you to explain. There’s a cute scooter suprise in it for you.

  • Well I wonder what happened with the plan to have jumped ship on the magnums?

  • Explain ab. the weekend, I mean. Scooter Bitch. That’s perfect. What should my AKA Be? Scooter Whore? Scooter Sweetie? Scooter Country? Ummm….

  • Kel: I vote for Scooter Babe.

  • Maybe those items were left by a couple who had planned a fun evening… She likes Diet Coke with her Captain Morgan and he was planning on having his way with her. But it wasn’t meant to be… She wanted a nice dinner, but he thought Taquitos were sufficient. She accused him of being cheap, he accused her of being fat and informed her that drinking Diet Coke with her Cap’n wasn’t fooling anyone. She then told him that the Magnums he insisted on buying weren’t slipping off because of the K-Y they were using, and that he should be buying Rubbers for the OPPOSITE end of the Cock Size Spectrum. Their torrid love affair ended that night at the 7-11. After they threw the items down, he left in his car and she had to use the payphone to call her BFF for a ride.

  • So, Lisa, why didn’t you use the time spent waiting for your BFF to come to clean up the mess you had made in the aisle?

  • I was a wreck. Emotionally unable to cope with the smallest task.

  • What a safe person it was who left them behind (or perhaps formerly safe). Not only was he / she taking the ‘safe’ no sugar option….they also wanted to have safe sex. What an odd thing to leave behind!

  • That picture is priceless!

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