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Nothing Else Matters

For my birthday this year I told every single one of my friends I didn’t want to celebrate.  I made idle threats to anyone who wanted to make a big deal of the day, including my mother.  Luckily Summer and RLO didn’t listen to me and insisted we at least have brunch and see a movie.  They both knew I’d end up regretting the birthday hermit plan, and I probably would have.

When Summer surprised me with Metallica tickets I nearly broke down in tears.  Sad but true. HA, did you catch that?  Oh yeah, country girl knows her Metallica songs.  I loved the band when I was younger and knowing that she cared enough to make it possible for me to see them was the highlight of my day.

RLO, too, was in a gift giving mode.  He gave me two presents, both of which he was morally against:

He hates the thought of me collecting Pyrex, which makes no sense whatsoever.  He also detests the fact that I always want things with Splenda rather than sugar, only proving he wants me to live long enough to torture him for years to come. So the fact he put aside his hate and bought me a Pyrex book and my favorite coffee flavoring with Splenda proves he really is a good friend in spite of the fact I’m so horrible to him.

Thanks to everyone who called, emailed, left blog/Twitter comments and sent text messages. I’m genuinely touched over how caring, not just my friends, but complete strangers can be.  I’m a lucky lady, and it sort of makes being older not quite so horrible. Thank you!


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