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Now With More Blueberries

Dear Costco,

I hate you. I know that sounds harsh, but I think we’ve been together long enough that I can express my feelings without the worry of offending you. Three years is a lifetime of commitment for me. During our honeymoon stage I thought you were the best thing ever. I always found comfort in your single bottle of pesto, and your cheap food court hot dogs. But now? Now I need more.

Let me rephrase that… now I need less.

I stopped in this afternoon to say hi and pick up some pesto sauce. I left with three pounds of spinach, four pounds of grapes, and two pound of blueberries. Do you see the problem? I live alone and I don’t bathe in fruit salad.

Unless you start selling families in bulk I’m going to have to do my shopping elsewhere.


P.S. Please have someone swing by and drop off the pesto I forgot to pick up.


  • I go through one of those blueberry bins in about a day and a half. Feel free to unload your leftover blueberries at my house.

  • Just remember that fabulous pumpkin bisque. It somehow makes Costco worth every penny.

  • You can make me blueberry pancakes.

  • They’re building a Costco by my house, which at first sounded really cool. And then I remembered that I never leave Costco without spending at least $100, and now I’m really pissed that such a money suck is going in so close to me. I have a love/hate relationship with Costco, obviously.

    PS – I have good blueberry recipes if you’re desperate. And I might be convinced to make one for you if you donate the blueberries. MAYBE!

  • Andi: Um, hello?? Of course I’ll donate the blueberries. Can I play with your girl child while you bake? I’m sort of allergic to the kitchen.

  • Costco is my crack. I CRAVE going to Costco when the sun is shining and when fall is in the air. When I’m bored, I want to go in and try new samples. I like to browse their General Merchandise for things like a $20 OXO scrubber set, complete with a rack to rest the scrubbers on. And then I get to the checkout and realize I’ve probably sucked the life out of my checking account and I have buyers remorse. But every week, there I go. Costco, you whore!!! Which reminds me, I can’t WAIT til they open tomorrow…

  • Ahhhhahaha. You’re funny.

  • Just realised I don’t even know what Costco is. I get the gist… I think.

  • Sarah, I think I saw you at the gas station this morning by Liberty Park. Pink Scooter and all. Was going to stop and ask for an autograph but didn’t want to seem all stalkish….

  • Freeze the berries and grape and use them in your vodka instead of ice cubes ….don’t water down your drink, are healthy for you, and add flavour to your tipple.

  • Oooo, nice one “Insane Mother of Three”. Blueberry “ice cubes”, great idea. Course I don’t drink vodka, no I’m not judging you. You also said “tipple” so extra points for saying that, whatever the hell it means. I often start post Dear “_____” as well. It’s nice.

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