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NYE, VFW and Maybe Some Additional Acronyms

One of my New Year resolutions was to spend more time writing. So far, this particular resolution has fallen to the wayside. I want to entertain you all with tales of wit and charm, but I sort of think both of those qualities have started to fizzle out.

I considered writing about my love life again, but currently there are a few too many secrets there. So what’s left to write about? Hmm… I guess it’s either telling you about the woes of home-ownership or the stress of living with a puppy. Eh. I’ll skip that for now; you’re welcome.

Instead why don’t you read about my NYE at the local VFW post. Those veterans sure know how to party. I use the term party loosely, because OMG it’s hard to get too crazy when there’s polka playing in the background.


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