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Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

I have so much to be thankful this year…

I’m thankful I have loving and loyal friends who are family to me. Especially Mrs. AK, who despite being British, planned an all-American Thanksgiving feast complete with a child’s place setting for Ben.Speaking of family, even though my parents decided to spend the holiday amongst drug dealers and elderly vacationers, I’m extremely thankful I have both a mom and a dad. I’m also thankful I have such cool brothers, a sister-in-law that I adore, and the most amazing niece and nephew in the entire world.

I could on, but I won’t. There’s cooking to be done. Granted I’ll just be watching, but watch I shall! Obviously I’ll be paying closer attention to our Canadian friend’s ass, than I will any food preparation, but have complete faith he won’t poison me. I think.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


  • Happy Thanksgiving, have a glass of wine for me. I’m not sure if i’m thankful or sad that we aren’t eating at village inn this year.

  • Dear Bellum, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your chosen family! I thank you for always making me smile and occasionaly cry. Your a spectacular writer and blogger. Enjoy your day you deserve it!

  • Hey Sarah, Happy Thanksgiving!
    Thanks for writing. It’s part of my daily routine to check ‘The Ongoing Adventures of Sarah’.

  • I’m thankful you, ben, a-shack and the nihonjins were able to share thanksgiving dinner with our family. It was fun to see everyone on cam. sorry i missed it!

  • Thanks for your blog. Hope your dinner was yummy.

  • I thought that picture was a bowl of borscht when I first saw it.

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